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Couch to Survivor Mud Run: Week Seven… sort of

Sometime during the middle of this week I realized I’ve become one of the runners who runs because they love to eat.  Yeah.  It’s true.  I got home from my run Thursday and had a cookie.  But hey, I just burned about 200 calories on the treadmill… I earned it, right?!

Don’t judge me.

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Easy Peanut Butter Dog Treats

I love my dogs.  This is not an unknown fact about me.  I also like to spoil them.  But who doesn’t?!

Tomorrow is “Take Your Dog To Work Day”.  No really, I didn’t just make it up so I could take my little munchkin to work with me.  There’s a website and everything:  Having a website makes everything official, doesn’t it?!

Anywho, I decided I wanted to make treats for my dogs with a recipe I had found on Pinterest and what better time to try them out then when I can have lots of other guinea pigs?

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Simple Skirts (And a Dress)

I get to go back to Texas for my niece’s birthday this year, hooray!   As soon as I bought my plane ticket, I started trying to figure out what to get her.  I wanted to make something because (a) I like the idea of a more personal gift and (b) I knew it would end up being cheaper and money isn’t exactly growing on trees around here.  I remembered my mom telling me that she loved skirts and I knew I had seen some cute (and easy) patterns on Pinterest, so of course, I spent an entire night looking to see what I could find.

Well, I came across this post by “Made” for a simple skirt tutorial.  Man, she wasn’t kidding, this was so easy!  It literally consists of sewing together the sides, adding a hem and a waistband and putting in elastic.  This was WONDERFULLY easy!!  I made a skirt for my niece like this:

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Terrible Jobs and People Watching

I’m currently sitting in the airport, eating a lovely McDonald’s breakfast (ick, I know I’ll regret this later) and people-watching since my flight has been delayed two and a half hours.  In front of the food court at DIA is a lady standing by a Frontier Airlines Mastercard kiosk.  She tries to talk to just about everyone that walks by with maybe a 1% success rate.  So far I’ve seen 1 person stop long enough for the lady to at least pull out a pamphlet, 1 stopped momentarily until she realized what it actually was that the lady was talking about and I actually just saw a guy walk up to her by his own volition.  Wow.


That’s the storm that’s holding us up… really?!  That’s not a storm, that’s a little light rain.  Whatever, I guess they’re more worried about “safety” than me getting to Dallas at a reasonable time. 

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Couch to Survivor Mud Run: Week Six

Okay, so this week rocked.  Did my first trail run in my Vibrams and it was so much better than I had imagined: I had my first 2 days with no 5 minute warm up walk and each day increased by 2 minutes, so I was a little concerned.  I also used my walking time Wednesday and Friday to take some pictures like this one:

The trail was incredibly rocky in places and then just more dirt in some. I liked the challenge, it was almost a bit of an obstacle course trying to dodge the larger rocks.

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Happy National Running Day!

I had no idea today was National Running Day until I got home from work and started looking around online.  Lucky for me, today is a running day today for me anyway.  No putting it off today!  Not that I really wanted to put it off but it would just be WRONG to not run on National Running Day!  If you go to, you can even create a National Running Day 2012 badge:

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