Terrible Jobs and People Watching

I’m currently sitting in the airport, eating a lovely McDonald’s breakfast (ick, I know I’ll regret this later) and people-watching since my flight has been delayed two and a half hours.  In front of the food court at DIA is a lady standing by a Frontier Airlines Mastercard kiosk.  She tries to talk to just about everyone that walks by with maybe a 1% success rate.  So far I’ve seen 1 person stop long enough for the lady to at least pull out a pamphlet, 1 stopped momentarily until she realized what it actually was that the lady was talking about and I actually just saw a guy walk up to her by his own volition.  Wow.


That’s the storm that’s holding us up… really?!  That’s not a storm, that’s a little light rain.  Whatever, I guess they’re more worried about “safety” than me getting to Dallas at a reasonable time. 

I could never have a job like that.  Being shot down by 99% of the people you talk to.  Most seem friendly, a polite “no, thank you” or shake of the head.  However, I can only imagine she gets some not-so-friendly responses. 

I can’t imagine it’s a job that pays all too well to get shot down all day.  You have to have a certain type of personality to do that job.  Patient.  Never irritable or bitchy (that one right there knocks me out of the running).  Always calm and collected, never frustrated.  I’m impressed with that woman to say the least.  Such a calm demeanor, working hard for her money. 

I’ve had the pleasure of never having had any truly terrible jobs.  I had a job I didn’t like, but it wasn’t horrible.  I waited tables in high school and college then was a bartender in college.  Worked retail the summer after my freshman year in college.  Spent more than I made at that one.  Had a very short stint at Subway (the perks of that one were good… who doesn’t love a free sandwich every day?).  Then a short time at Michaels which was more beneficial than anything since I was in the process of planning a very DIY wedding.

The job I have now, I love.  I get frustrated, annoyed, stressed, but at the end of the day, somewhere in my twisted head, I still find myself loving it.   

What kind of truly terrible jobs have you ever had?

On a people-watching side note:
I have yet to see the woman who goes along with the zebra bag this guy is guarding.  The guy looks like one of those “manly-man” types… full beard, hat, jeans, boots… and zebra print luggage.

Then there is the older Asian woman that looks fast asleep in her chair.  Wish I could still sleep like that.  Now she’s awake, on the phone and I swear she just grunted several times.  Not sure I’ve ever felt the need to grunt during a phone conversation.  Maybe that’s just me.

The chubby-faced kid fast asleep in mommy’s lap.  Adorable.  I can’t wait to have my own little chubby-faced munchkin.

When I’m at the airport I also wonder where people are going and why, which makes the people-watching the much more entertaining.  It is Father’s Day weekend, wonder how many people are how many are flying home to see their families.

Okay, I’ll shut up now.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!

One last thing then I promise I’m done: the lady from the airline just announced that the plane from Dallas hasn’t left yet and that’s what we’re waiting on.  Some guy goes “Damn, I shoulda just taken a greyhound bus” and the woman goes, “yes you should have.”  Hah!  Love the honesty.  Okay, I’m really done now. Happy Father’s Day!


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