Goodbye Unemployment!

I GOT A JOB!!!!!! ūüôā

Needed to get that excitement off my chest. ¬†Got an e-mail this morning with the details of a job offer from the company I interviewed with on Wednesday. ¬†It’s a tax resolution firm dealing mostly with small businesses, which is probably better for me than doing individuals and small businesses like the other company since I’m more interested in the business side of law than individual.

I start off in a “para” position while I’m learning how everything works and will get paid hourly. ¬†After a certain period of time, once I feel comfortable or once I’m licensed as an attorney, I’ll get a base salary and commission based on what extra money I bring in. ¬†Pretty much the harder I work, the more I make, which is the best motivation I could have. ¬†I get my own assistant for every $5,000 extra I bring in (up to two).

During the interview, he said that if I happened to not pass the bar (which would be AWFUL!), I can just stay in the “para” position until I can pass, which is GREAT news! ¬†I PRAY that I passed the bar, but if for some reason I didn’t, at least I won’t lose my job.

I start Monday so I’m sure I’ll have an update sometime next week! ¬†Sadly, this will mean less hiking posts and will mean seeing my husband even less since he normally works 2-9pm during the week. ¬†We are so excited, though!


Grow Some Balls

Yes, this is a venting post (mostly).

If you read my “Interviews” post, you’ll remember that I had two interviews with one company and was waiting to hear from them to set up another interview with the general manager. ¬†I’d called several times and yet the HR lady never answered her phone. ¬†I left her a message and sent her an e-mail making sure she got my message, but never got a response. ¬†Finally, today, I check the mail and have a letter from them saying that I didn’t get the job. ¬† Continue reading


I went straight from high school to college and college to law school, so I’ve never had to interview for a “real” job until now. ¬†A week and a half ago, I interviewed with a tax resolution firm and had a second interview last week. ¬†Quite possibly the weirdest interviews I’ve ever had. ¬†Even my interview for TGI Fridays in college was more involved than this one.

So here’s what I found odd about these interviews: I didn’t say hardly anything. ¬† Continue reading

Why did I get a post-graduate degree?

I find myself asking this question more and more lately as I peruse job listings and find countless entries for “personal assistant”, “paralegal”, “secretary”, “sales”, etc. ¬†Nothing that requires a law degree. ¬†When I finally DO find a posting for an attorney, they want 5, 7, 10+ years of experience that I obviously don’t have. ¬†So far I have only found two jobs that were truly entry-level positions.

In the past month, I have sent out countless resumes and cover letters, hoping to at least get an interview. ¬†So far, I’ve only gotten one interview for a law clerk position and it was given to someone else. ¬†How does one stay positive in a job market like this? ¬†(Seriously, I’m asking.) Continue reading