Another Year Has Passed

Tomorrow is my birthday and like everyone else does (please tell me this is normal), I am sitting on the eve of the 27th anniversary of my birth wondering what I’ve accomplished with the past year of my life. 

While this one wasn’t quite as big as 25, I still think I had a pretty good year being 26.  I passed my Enrolled Agent exams, thereby getting me a promotion at work.  I even have an assistant now and my boss writes things like “Fantastic! Great month!” on my paychecks.  (That was today so it’s fresh in my mind.  I’m not one of those people that remembers everything.) I feel like I’ve stepped up into my new positon quite well.

We also moved into a house.  Still renting but at least we have a yard for the dogs and don’t share a wall with anyone.  It’s great. 

I was also lucky enough to be able to have Christmas with both my family in Texas and Jeff’s family here in Colorado.  I had a very blessed Christmas. I’ve been able to get some great exercise with the bike the hubby gave me and oh my gosh, how did I ever live without a mixer?!

My Aggies had an AMAZING football season and even won the Heisman… go Johnny Football!!! National Champs 2014! (That’s how it’s playing out in my head at least.)

Everyone is happy and healthy.

Unfortunately there have been some not so wonderful times too. My husband’s great-grandmother passed away last year and my grandfather just passed away on Sunday. I know it happens when you start to get older but it sucks. I wish they could be around forever.

Overall we have been very fortunate. I started working on our taxes for this year and we are probably not getting a very big refund… because we made too much money. There could be worse things for sure.

I cannot wait to see what 27 brings me… besides s’mores cakes that is currently cooling on the counter. 🙂

Thinking about starting a “things to do before I turn 30” list… any suggestions?? What is/was on yours?


Terrible Jobs and People Watching

I’m currently sitting in the airport, eating a lovely McDonald’s breakfast (ick, I know I’ll regret this later) and people-watching since my flight has been delayed two and a half hours.  In front of the food court at DIA is a lady standing by a Frontier Airlines Mastercard kiosk.  She tries to talk to just about everyone that walks by with maybe a 1% success rate.  So far I’ve seen 1 person stop long enough for the lady to at least pull out a pamphlet, 1 stopped momentarily until she realized what it actually was that the lady was talking about and I actually just saw a guy walk up to her by his own volition.  Wow.


That’s the storm that’s holding us up… really?!  That’s not a storm, that’s a little light rain.  Whatever, I guess they’re more worried about “safety” than me getting to Dallas at a reasonable time. 

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Felt I needed an update…

I’ve pretty much sucked at updating this lately and there is a reason: nothing exciting is happening that gives me something to write about.

Here’s what generally happens in a week for me:

  • Monday
  • 6:15am: Wake up, get ready
  • 7:30am: Leave for work
  • 8:00am: Get to work
  • 4:00pm: Leave work
  • 9:30pm: Eat dinner when Jeff gets home then shower
  • 10:00pm: Bedtime
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
  • repeat Monday
  • Friday
  • repeat, except
  • somewhere before 4:00pm: leave work 🙂
  • Saturday and Sunday
  • 8:00 or 9:00am: Wake up… this is my sleeping in, woo
  • Do somethings around the apartment, run errands, take the puppies to the park
Yep, that’s my life right now.  Pretty exciting, huh?  I see Jeff very little now unfortunately.  I, obviously, always have weekends off and Jeff has two random days normally during the week off.  We try to make the most of those days, but it’s hard when you barely see your new husband.