Couch to Survivor Mud Run: Week Seven… sort of

Sometime during the middle of this week I realized I’ve become one of the runners who runs because they love to eat.  Yeah.  It’s true.  I got home from my run Thursday and had a cookie.  But hey, I just burned about 200 calories on the treadmill… I earned it, right?!

Don’t judge me.

Week 7 is (supposed to be) this:

Monday: jog 15 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Tuesday: rest.

Wednesday: jog 8 minutes, walk 5 minutes, jog 8 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Thursday: rest.

Friday: jog 17 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Saturday: rest.

Sunday: jog 17 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

The first 7 minutes of Monday was awesome.  I felt great, then my calves starting hurting.  However, I kind of expected that.  When I woke up Sunday morning I was very sore.  I’m pretty happy that I at least made it the 7 minutes without them hurting.  I also tracked my run this time because I wanted to see how far I was running and my max speed was higher than it was last time, .35 mph faster.  Not too shabby!  I made it my 15 minutes but then my right calf started hurting really badly.  I tried to stretch it out, iced it when I got home then took a nice hot bath to try and relax it.

I was also a little worried about my breathing on Monday.  There is a huge fire burning west of Fort Collins (when I checked before my run Monday it was about 37,000 acres and 0% contained) so the air is a little smoky, even down where I run, miles away from the fire.  You can tell in this picture:

Eldorado Canyon through the smoke.

I didn’t really notice a difference in the air quality though, which was good.  Please pray for those who have been affected by that fire though.  As of Monday 100 homes had been destroyed and there was 1 confirmed fatality.  Scary stuff.

Wednesday’s run was really Thursday’s run and it went relatively well.  Can’t say it was great, but it wasn’t bad.  The first 8 minutes were good, a little tough at the end.  Then I only walked for 4 minutes in between.  I have a VERY valid reason for doing so, too:  I don’t know how to change the time on the treadmill and if I walked a full 5 minutes, that would have only left me 7 minutes to run before it automatically goes into “cool down” mode.  See.  Valid.

Anywho, I did slow down .3 mph for the second 8 minutes and that was pretty great.  Then the same thing that happened on Monday happened again, my right leg starting hurting in the last little bit of walking.  I can’t really explain the pain too well.  It’s kind of a dull pain starting at the back of my knee and going down the back of my calf.  Does that sound familiar to any other runners?  If so, what do I do to make it stop doing that?!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

And well, that was the end of it.  It’s been two weeks since I’ve run and let me explain why: life.  I have been so ridiculously busy that it hasn’t been a priority or really even too possible.  I will resume my running, but I honestly don’t know if it’ll be any sooner than a month.  Let me explain what’s going on…

First of all, with me taking on all my own cases at work, and over doubling the amount I was handling, I’ve been working 9 hour days (plus a half hour lunch) to try and keep up with everything.  I’m also studying for the bar exam.  And still trying to be a good wife (cleaning, laundry, making dinner) and doggy mom.  My daily schedule goes a little like this: wake up at 6, leave for work between 7 and 7:15, work until 5 or so, get home around 5:30 or 6, take the dogs outside, give them some attention, cook dinner, eat dinner and spend a little bit of time with my husband, by then it’s about 8 o’clock which gives me about 2 hours to study before I need to shower and get ready for bed.  Sometimes I’ll get another half hour or so of studying in if I take a quick shower and/or decide to stay up until 11.  That leaves me getting about 7 hours of sleep.

The bar exam is the 24th and 25th of July.  As you can imagine, that’s most of my focus when I’m at home.  That being said, I’ll probably be a little MIA for the next month.

Also, with some unexpected expenses, I hadn’t been able to register for the mud run yet.  I may need to postpone my 5k until a little later.  Sometime in the fall perhaps.  But, I am NOT giving up on this goal, merely pushing back my plans thanks to life going crazy.  My goal is to run at LEAST once a week (probably on Saturday or Sunday) and do something else during the week.  Have you seen the thing on Pinterest of workout ideas to do during your daily routine?  Calf raises while you brush your teeth, etc.  I’m going to try to do something like that just so I don’t get completely out of shape while I’m not running 3 days a week.

One last thing, if you’re a praying type: please pray for rain for Colorado and the firefighters that are fighting all of the fires up here.  The really bad fire in Colorado Springs is now 25% contained, which is great, but there’s still a long way to go.  The High Park Fire in Fort Collins that has burned over 87,000 at this point is supposed to be fully contained by this weekend, but there is so much rebuilding to be done by both of these fires.  Over 600 homes destroyed between the two.  Just awful.  And those are only two of many fires burning across the state.  We tend to have afternoon storms that, unfortunately, bring with them lots of wind and lightening.  Not good.  Bottom line: we need a good, soaking rain with no (or minimal) lightening or wind.

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