Happy August Running!

I’m starting out this month right… already did 2 miles yesterday and another 2 miles today.  Which makes me want to set a mileage goal for this month of.. hmm.. let’s go for 30 miles!  A total of 15 days of running.  That’s definitely achievable!

Okay, so I didn’t run all 4 miles that I’ve done so far.  Yesterday I probably ran about a mile, maybe a little less and today, well… I maybe got about a 1/4-1/2 mile.  But today’s run was with the hubby and both dogs, which always makes things interesting.

Look at how adorable our running partners are though…

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Back to Running

Now that the bar exam is over, I’ve been able to get back to running.  It’s been rough but feels GREAT!

My first run back was Thursday and it was not easy.  My goal was to run 1 entire way around the pond by our apartment complex, which is about .6 miles.  Not far, but it’s been a month since my last run and it was hot and very sunny on Thursday.  I’m not sure how much of a difference it really makes but man, being a mile closer to the sun than I’m used to, it really does seem to beat down on you a little more.

Anywho, I didn’t make it around running the entire time, but I ended up running a total of 7 minutes.  It took me 18 minutes to get me around twice, so 1.2 miles.  Not fast, but I’m not going for fast.  Not now at least.  It just felt good to get back out there.  The heat definitely made a difference though.  Although I’m worried about getting out to run in the cold, I’m ready for fall.  Running in 60 or 70 degrees sounds much better than running in 90. Continue reading

Couch to Survivor Mud Run: Week Seven… sort of

Sometime during the middle of this week I realized I’ve become one of the runners who runs because they love to eat.  Yeah.  It’s true.  I got home from my run Thursday and had a cookie.  But hey, I just burned about 200 calories on the treadmill… I earned it, right?!

Don’t judge me.

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Couch to Survivor Mud Run: Week Six

Okay, so this week rocked.  Did my first trail run in my Vibrams and it was so much better than I had imagined: I had my first 2 days with no 5 minute warm up walk and each day increased by 2 minutes, so I was a little concerned.  I also used my walking time Wednesday and Friday to take some pictures like this one:

The trail was incredibly rocky in places and then just more dirt in some. I liked the challenge, it was almost a bit of an obstacle course trying to dodge the larger rocks.

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Happy National Running Day!

I had no idea today was National Running Day until I got home from work and started looking around online.  Lucky for me, today is a running day today for me anyway.  No putting it off today!  Not that I really wanted to put it off but it would just be WRONG to not run on National Running Day!  If you go to, you can even create a National Running Day 2012 badge:

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Couch to Survivor Mud Run: Week Four and a Half

So this one is week four and half because I unintentionally took the week off, with the exception of Monday.  If you read this post, you’ll understand why.

I had a BIG test on Friday (which I passed) so I spent my evenings studying rather than running.  Yes, I probably could have run, but Wednesday it was very rainy and then my test was Friday after work and by the time I got home, we went right out to celebrate.  Mmm… mexican food!

Saturday it was SUPER windy and Sunday, since the hubby had off, we went on some nice little off-road adventures.  (Check out my post about it here.)  Plus, with that huge fire that is burning in New Mexico, this weekend has been very smoky here and since I’d already screwed up most of the week, I figured I’d just start fresh Monday.

See, this was totally worth not going running on Sunday 🙂

Hope everyone else had a great week of running!

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