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Turkeys and Sales


Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I sure did.  It was the first Thanksgiving for my husband and I as a married couple and the first we would not be spending with our families, but we did it right.  We I made honey ham, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, cheese grits, rolls and 2 pumpkin pies!  See:

Our spread!

And yes, we will be eating leftovers for the next month!  It was a nice relaxing day of cooking (for me), video games (for my husband because I’m such an awesome wife and never asked him to help) and football watching (unfortunately that involved watching our Aggies get beat by t.u. 😦  But it was a good end to a 118 year rivalry).

Our dogs feasted too!

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Style By The Spoonful

Dear Blog (and any readers I may have),

Sorry for ignoring you lately, but there is a GREAT reason why: I have just opened my own Etsy shop!  It’s called Style By The Spoonful (a play on my maiden name of Spooner).  I can’t take credit for the name either, it was with the help of my mom, hubby, coworkers and some wonderfully creative Facebook friends!  I have been working hard to make a lot of jewelry to put on the site so that it didn’t open with only 1 item (I opened with 20 listings and half of them are sets).

One of my favorite sets I made for the holidays!

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Gunn’s New Bed

Let me begin by saying this: in case you haven’t noticed, our dogs are spoiled.

Now that I have that off my chest: Gunn needed a new bed today, however, buying a foam one at Petsmart would have set me back about $70 (no, thank you!).  Since I’d been spending so much time at Joann’s, I remembered you could buy thick foam by the yard there.  I headed over to Joann’s (conveniently Petsmart and Joann’s are in the same shopping center) to price the materials to make a bed.  Lucky for me, the foam was 50% off. The bed ended up costing me about $30 all together but I had lots of extra fabric so you could probably cut that down a little more. It would also be cheaper if you got foam that wasn’t as thick. If you are doing it for a small dog, they even have pre-cut square pieces that would probably be cheaper too. Continue reading