Turkeys and Sales


Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I sure did.  It was the first Thanksgiving for my husband and I as a married couple and the first we would not be spending with our families, but we did it right.  We I made honey ham, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, cheese grits, rolls and 2 pumpkin pies!  See:

Our spread!

And yes, we will be eating leftovers for the next month!  It was a nice relaxing day of cooking (for me), video games (for my husband because I’m such an awesome wife and never asked him to help) and football watching (unfortunately that involved watching our Aggies get beat by t.u. 😦  But it was a good end to a 118 year rivalry).

Our dogs feasted too!

I also managed to give myself a ridiculous cardboard cut on my middle finger while breaking down a Mountain Dew box to put in the recycling so pardon any typos.  Turns out it is incredibly difficult to type without using your middle finger… really, try it.

Mmm... pies... actually made from a pumpkin too and not a can 🙂


We also tried to do a little late night Black Friday shopping which, let’s just say, didn’t turn out well.  Hubby swore he was never, ever, ever doing that again and I was crazy for wanting to.  So we headed home, I got a couple hours of sleep and went back out at 4:30am to get a bunch of stuff.  Got LOTS of gifts and even a few things for myself.  Crowds weren’t bad at all in the morning, nothing like the midnight madness we experienced.  The longest line I had to wait in was 1 person in front of me.  4 hours later I was back in bed with nearly everything crossed off of our Christmas list.

Anywho, on to the exciting portion of this post: CYBER MONDAY!  My Etsy shop is all set up and running and I’ve even made a few sales so far but I’d definitely like to give you some incentive to go check it out (and buy, of course).  I added some new stuff yesterday and I’ll be adding even more today.

This ring is one of my new favorites! It sold within hours of being put up on Etsy! (Don't worry, I'm going to buy more supplies today so I can get more of these back up!

So here’s the good stuff:  When you shop tomorrow (midnight to midnight Mountain time), enter the coupon code “JEWELTHIEF” at checkout to receive 20% off!  

In case you were wondering where the coupon code name came from, it’s what happens when you want to do something creative and ask your husband for help…

This applies to EVERYTHING in my shop and like I said, a bunch of new things have been added and are still being added!

StyleByTheSpoonful.Etsy.com is the site again.  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I look forward to shipping out lots of orders this week! 🙂


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