Chocolate Cool Whip Frosting

Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?!  Yep, it is and, as most of the things I make are, it’s also easy!

So here’s a little back story for ya:

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I make sweets for everyone’s birthday at work.  Well, today I had 2 birthdays to bake for so I decided to make this DELICIOUS fudge as well as sticky pecan upside down cupcakes.  The fudge is pretty hard to mess up and it was fantastic.  However, the same cannot be said for the pecan treats.  They were pretty much a disaster, albeit a tasty one.  I used a recipe from one of the cupcake books I got for one of my wedding showers last year and the way it told me to fill the muffin cups made a HUGE MESS.  It overflowed all over the place and made a mess all over my oven.

See, giant mess.. ick.

The recipe makes 24 cupcakes but I was only using once muffin pan so I had about half the batter left over.  I decided just to make plain ol’ cupcakes since the base batter of the pecan goodness was a plain ol’ yellow cupcake recipe.  The only problem with this was that I didn’t have any frosting or enough powdered sugar to make my own.  So I had the wonderful thought:

Hey, what if I mixed melted chocolate chips with Cool Whip?

Deliciousness.  It’s a light, fluffy, chocolatey, tasty, easy frosting that doesn’t make you feel any worse about eating cupcakes.  Especially when you use light Cool Whip like I do.  Let’s face it, all that butter and powdered sugar in normal frosting isn’t exactly the healthiest thing ever.  And my co-workers and I like to joke about how I’m trying to fatten them all up so something a little healthier would be appreciated by all.  Except then there was the fudge, which wasn’t so healthy, but whatever, I tried!

Anywho, here’s what you need:


  • chocolate chips- 1/4 cup for each 1/2 cup of Cool Whip
  • Cool Whip


1. Melt chocolate chips.  (I melt my chocolate chips in the microwave since I don’t own a double broiler (and I’m lazy) in 30 second increments.  When I first started getting into baking I definitely destroyed a plastic measuring cup by burning chocolate into the bottom of it so I learned my lesson!)

2. Mix melted chocolate into Cool Whip.

3. Frost cupcakes.

Yes, it really is that easy.

For me, 1 cup of Cool Whip with 1/2 cup of chocolate chips frosted 9 cupcakes but I didn’t load them up with frosting. (See picture) You can also adjust the amount of chocolate chips depending on how chocolatey you want the frosting.  I think mine was just the right amount considering I also made super-rich fudge but if you are dealing with some major chocoholics, definitely increase the amount of chocolate chips.

Hope you enjoy!


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