Rescuing My Husband

So that title could lead to several different types of posts.  Mine, however, is about literally rescuing my husband who got stuck in the snow when he went up into the mountains to do a little off-roading and shooting with a friend.

Let’s start at the beginning…

A friend of his from work had never shot a gun before and of course my hubby was more than willing to offer to take him shooting.  Getting the same day off together was going to be a challenge, but they happened to both have yesterday off so they planned to meet up around 10am then head up to this place we had found where a ton of people tend to shoot…

See... people actually shot down this tree!

Around 12:30, I’m at work (of course), sitting at my desk, eating my lunch and I hear my phone vibrating in my purse (which, he got lucky, because normally I don’t hear it!) and see it’s him.  Knowing what he was doing, I got a little worried.  I pick up only for him to tell me that he “slid off the road” and was stuck in the snow.  My first thought was, oh God, his car slid off the side of the mountain and is being held up only by some trees.  Thank goodness that was not the case, he had slid slightly to the side away from the cliff (phew!). Continue reading


Tears, Snow, Smiles


When I got to work on Friday, I had a teddy bear and a card sitting on my desk.  Almost everyone in my office had signed the card with uplifting, positive comments.  I had been tear-free for nearly 12 hours, but yet again, I burst into tears.  It’s so great to have such amazing coworkers… and I haven’t even been there two months! Continue reading