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Some friendly advice…

Friendly piece of advice #1:

When starting a business, you might want to actually know what the heck you are doing.  

While this may seem like common sense to some, it is not to all.  There is a lot that goes into a business besides “hey, I can make/sell/do this, so I’m going to open up a place so I can make money doing it”.

Doing what I do, I see mainly the tax side of it.  However, when your business isn’t making any money, you may want to rethink keeping the business open.  This is so hard for most people to hear, but if you aren’t making money, or even worse, if you are losing money, it’s really not worth it anymore.

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Felt I needed an update…

I’ve pretty much sucked at updating this lately and there is a reason: nothing exciting is happening that gives me something to write about.

Here’s what generally happens in a week for me:

  • Monday
  • 6:15am: Wake up, get ready
  • 7:30am: Leave for work
  • 8:00am: Get to work
  • 4:00pm: Leave work
  • 9:30pm: Eat dinner when Jeff gets home then shower
  • 10:00pm: Bedtime
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
  • repeat Monday
  • Friday
  • repeat, except
  • somewhere before 4:00pm: leave work 🙂
  • Saturday and Sunday
  • 8:00 or 9:00am: Wake up… this is my sleeping in, woo
  • Do somethings around the apartment, run errands, take the puppies to the park
Yep, that’s my life right now.  Pretty exciting, huh?  I see Jeff very little now unfortunately.  I, obviously, always have weekends off and Jeff has two random days normally during the week off.  We try to make the most of those days, but it’s hard when you barely see your new husband.