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What a Year

2011 was a HUGE year for me (and my husband).  Let’s start at the beginning…

February 6: Turned 25, quarter of a century old.

February 27: Bridal portraits!!

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What are the holidays without a Gingerbread Latte?!

As soon as Starbucks announces that their gingerbread lattes are back in stores, I make a bee-line for the closest one.  However, this year, we’ve been trying hard to pinch pennies so I’ve only been able to indulge once.  When I found this recipe for Crockpot Gingerbread Lattes, I knew I HAD to try it!

I am too impatient to do it in the crockpot (takes 1-2 hours!), so I tried doing it in a pot on the stove and it worked just as well and in only about half an hour!   Okay, so here’s the recipe (the actual recipe is double this but I figured two cups was more than enough for me): Continue reading

Diaper Bassinet

I wanted to do something special for a co-worker and his wife who just had their first child but didn’t want to do the  general diaper cake.  I found a picture on Pinterest of a diaper  bassinet and decided, hey, I can do that.

The finished bassinet!

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