Gunn’s New Bed

Let me begin by saying this: in case you haven’t noticed, our dogs are spoiled.

Now that I have that off my chest: Gunn needed a new bed today, however, buying a foam one at Petsmart would have set me back about $70 (no, thank you!).  Since I’d been spending so much time at Joann’s, I remembered you could buy thick foam by the yard there.  I headed over to Joann’s (conveniently Petsmart and Joann’s are in the same shopping center) to price the materials to make a bed.  Lucky for me, the foam was 50% off. The bed ended up costing me about $30 all together but I had lots of extra fabric so you could probably cut that down a little more. It would also be cheaper if you got foam that wasn’t as thick. If you are doing it for a small dog, they even have pre-cut square pieces that would probably be cheaper too.

I decided to get a yard of 3″ thick foam (it’s nice and squishy) and 2 pieces of fleece from the scraps.  It’s a dog bed, so I’d like it to not completely clash, but I’m not picky on what it actually looks like.  Since I got a yard of the foam, I knew that I needed a little more than a yard to do the ties around the edge of the bed.  I just found anything that was over a yard.  I think one of the pieces I bought was around 1.4 yards and the other around 1.6 or something.  It’s not a hard bed to make but I thought I’d go ahead and share exactly what I did.

Materials for large bed (probably a good size for a lab/boxer or anything bigger, like our big ol’ bloodhound):

1 yard of foam (choose your thickness, I like the 3″ I got but the thicker you get the more expensive it is)

1+ yard each of 2 coordinating fabrics (mine are pretty fantastically 70’s-ish but it was a scrap so it was 50% off 🙂 )

Materials for the bed with Gunn patiently waiting in the background. 🙂

Step One: Lay bottom fabric out underneath piece of foam and cut it several inches larger than the foam.  I cut about 5″ extra on each side but it would be cute to cut more so your ties are longer than mine.  Cut second piece of fabric to the same size.

Cut fabric slightly larger than foam piece.

Step Two: Lay down bottom fabric, foam, then top fabric so you can begin to cut.

See the 70s greatness fabric? Oh, yeah!

Step Three: Start cutting.  I wanted each cut to be somewhat close in size but rather than getting out the ruler or measuring tape, I just used the first 2 knuckles of my index finger as my measurement.

Cut through both pieces of fabric together so that your pieces match up.

My very scientific measurement…

Hooray super pale hands! Studying for the bar exam during the summer doesn't really allow for much tanning time.

If you’re lucky like me, you’ll even have a little helper along the way:

Gunn might have to fight his little brother for his new bed.

When I got to the corners, I had no idea what to do, so I decided to wing it and hope it works out.  Turns out it did.  Pictures will be easier than actually trying to explain what I did:

I cut straight diagonally down the corner to form a little triangle.

Cut another strip to meet the bottom of the diagonal line you just cut to remove the triangle from the corner.

Step Four: Once I was done cutting, I started tying.

I went all the way around the bed and tied everything once.

Then I went back and double knotted all the ties to make sure with Gunn moving around, it wouldn't come completely undone. Yeah, you can kind of see the green foam, but (a) it's a dog bed and (b) no one is going to be looking this close to the bed.

El Fin: Voila!  You’re done!  I even got Gunn to lay on it almost right away, or, well, at least partially lay on it.  But he sure seems to like it!

He seems to like it!

Much cheaper than buying one of the foam beds at Petsmart and super easy!  Total time it took me about an hour or so while watching TV.  Enjoy!

On a quick side note, everyone say a little prayer that Gunn is okay.  His leg is really bothering him so we have to go to the vet tomorrow.  He won’t put all of his weight on the leg and sometimes he won’t even put his leg on the ground at all… poor little guy.  Oh, and a little backstory on the leg: about 3.5 years ago we think he was hit by a car and he lost a lot of muscle in his leg.  He doesn’t let it bother him normally but we think with the cold weather, it’s acting up.  When he was originally hurt, the vet suggested a $3,000 surgery but Jeff didn’t do it so let’s pray that isn’t the suggestion again.


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