Style By The Spoonful

Dear Blog (and any readers I may have),

Sorry for ignoring you lately, but there is a GREAT reason why: I have just opened my own Etsy shop!  It’s called Style By The Spoonful (a play on my maiden name of Spooner).  I can’t take credit for the name either, it was with the help of my mom, hubby, coworkers and some wonderfully creative Facebook friends!  I have been working hard to make a lot of jewelry to put on the site so that it didn’t open with only 1 item (I opened with 20 listings and half of them are sets).

One of my favorite sets I made for the holidays!

My husband kept telling me that between all my crafty hobbies, they were getting a little expensive and I needed to find a cheaper hobby.  Rather than give up my jewelry-making, I just decided to turn it into a business!  I am VERY excited to get started with this and to have some extra money coming in right before the holidays.  I even have about 9 orders from people at work already!

Another one of my favorites, particularly happy with how the earrings turned out!

This is something I love to do and my mom and I have both gotten compliments on jewelry that we’ve worn that I made, so I figured, why not.  Worst case scenario, I don’t sell much, but I tried and had fun doing it.  Best case, it’s an awesome second job doing something I love!

Multi-colored glass beads set. Another one of my favorites.

And yes, I will be using this blog to promote my little shop at least to start out.  Please feel free to share with family and friends on Facebook or wherever.  Selling stuff on Etsy is a lot of word of mouth I think since there is so much stuff on there, it seems like stuff could easily just get lost in the masses.  There is also a way to do coupon codes so as soon as I get some more stuff posted and figure out how, I’ll post a special coupon code on here to give y’all a little discount if anyone is interested in buying anything. 🙂

So here’s the website (again):

Feel free to shop, share, peruse, whatever.  Just thought I’d let everyone know what I’d been up to!

Well that and of course being completely addicted to Pinterest, but you already knew that.

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!


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