2012 Earned Income Tax Credit Documentation Requirement

Here’s my PSA for 2013:

As you all may know, I work in tax resolution.  Well, this year, I’m working for Liberty Tax Service preparing returns as well.  I just wanted to get this out there so that anyone who follows this blog (or happens to search and get here), will know.  

The IRS has changed their rules and is now requiring more proof that your child is actually a qualifying child for purposes of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).  If you go somewhere to have your return prepared, make sure that you have additional documentation other than just the child’s birth certificate and social security card in order to prove that the child meets the “residency” requirement.  Acceptable documents are:

  • School records or statement
  • Landlord or property management statement
  • Health care provider statement
  • Medical records
  • Child care provider records
  • Placement agency statement
  • Social service records or statement
  • Place of worship statement
  • Indian tribal official statement
  • Employer statement

Make sure that whatever you get is on letterhead and has both the child’s information and your information, including your correct address.

Additionally, if your child is disabled, you’ll need to provide one of the following:

  • Doctor statement
  • Other health care provider statement
  • Social services agency or program statement

The IRS form that tax preparer’s must complete can be found here.  The new list of documents can be found on page 4.  This is a change from previous years so make sure that you come prepared when you go to get your taxes done.

Why is the IRS doing this you ask?  Fraud, that’s why.  It’s estimated that $43 billion is given out with this credit and about $10 billion is received fraudulently.  People claiming children that they shouldn’t.  If you’re allowed to claim the child, providing the additional documentation shouldn’t be an issue.

If you happen to be in the Northern Denver/Boulder area, come see us:

Boulder – 28th and Valmont –  303-395-1882

Northglenn – 104th Ave and Pecos – 303-920-7171

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S. Thornton – 89th and Washington – 720-524-6330

Happy Tax Season!


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