Fall Colors

I’m from Texas.  This means we don’t really have a proper fall season.  We have summer and not summer.  There’s not too much other definition between seasons.  That being said, I am FASCINATED by the changes aspen in the mountains this time of year.  This weekend and last weekend, we’ve gone up into the mountains to look at all the gorgeous trees and I figured I’d share in case anyone else lives in a state where one day the trees are green and luscious and the next, they are completely bare.  Hope you enjoy!

On the way to Brainard Lake, the trees were just starting to turn to that beautiful gold.

The road to Brainard Lake, before you get to the fee station at some of the most gorgeous trees.

The only trees we saw that day that weren’t only gold.

Weekend number two involved the Cascade Creek off-road trail… and this gem that was on the edge of a clearing.  Huge and vibrant!

Just love the spots of yellow across the mountainside.

I just love these because they remind me of Dr. Seuss trees… almost no branches or leaves except right at the top.

I hope everyone else is enjoying fall as much as we are!  I bought my first pie pumpkin at the grocery store yesterday and we even saw a few snowflakes on the trail today.  If it’s not so fall-y where you are yet, hopefully these pictures help.

Happy Fall!!

P.S. Can you believe tomorrow is October 1st?!  Oh how time flies!!


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