Happy August Running!

I’m starting out this month right… already did 2 miles yesterday and another 2 miles today.  Which makes me want to set a mileage goal for this month of.. hmm.. let’s go for 30 miles!  A total of 15 days of running.  That’s definitely achievable!

Okay, so I didn’t run all 4 miles that I’ve done so far.  Yesterday I probably ran about a mile, maybe a little less and today, well… I maybe got about a 1/4-1/2 mile.  But today’s run was with the hubby and both dogs, which always makes things interesting.

Look at how adorable our running partners are though…

Gunn (left) and Wesson (right)

The dogs sure are loving this.  When Gunn goes, they get to play in the pond.  He gets so hot, it’s a nice way for him to cool down and get a little bit of energy back.  The vet told his that swimming is good for his bad leg as well.  The swimming also means weekly baths for the munchkin.  His little belly gets SO dirty playing in the pond and then walking around in the sand… icky.

Yesterday’s run was great.  I ran much faster than normal, doing my intervals, almost keeping up with my little dog’s quick little legs.  For such a tiny little thing, he sure is fast!  I pushed myself a little harder than I did in my last run and it really felt great.  I even came home and did some more exercises.  The walk/run was 2 miles in 25 minutes.  Not too shabby.  Obviously I’d like to get that down under 20 but for now, I’ll definitely take 25.

Today was more of a walk than a run but it was still great… until my calf started hurting towards the end.  Not sure what that’s about but I’m really hoping I can stretch it out so I can keep running this week.  The hubby starts his new job on Monday which means that (a) we’ll be carpooling to work (hooray less money spent on gas and more time spent with the hubby!) and (b) he won’t be on his feet all day and he’s already said that he wants to start working out again.

For the short amount of time that we ran today, we were running at about 9 mi/hour… holy crap.  That’s WAY faster than I normally run, but I was keeping up!  Yes it was a short distance, but who cares… that’s fast!  It’ll be good to have him there to push me.  Today’s walk was the same 2 miles in 42 minutes.  But that also allows stopping 4 times for Gunn to poop.. seriously… poopiest dog ever, and time for the dogs to play in the pond for a bit.  I was probably about 10 minutes faster yesterday.  Definitely not bad.

I’m thinking September is my month for a race.  By that point, my hubby and I should be doing better financially so it won’t be such a strain on us.  Plus, have you seen all the daily deals for races lately?  There have been a bunch in Denver at least.  Why yes, I will pay half price to do a race next weekend, thank you!

Anyone have any races planned for this month?


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