Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

I’m all about easy dinners.  I’ve been REALLY busy at work, which means I’ve been working from around 7:30-5 or 5:30.  Our normal work hours are 8-4.  Those long days mean that when I get home, I probably don’t feel like putting together a super complicated meal.  Weekends?  Sure, I’ll spend all day working on dinner.  Weekdays?  Not so much.

I got the idea for this one from my BBQ Chicken Sandwiches.  Same general idea except that I mixed in the sauce after cooking the chicken, rather than cooking the chicken in the sauce.  I can only take a little bit of buffalo wing sauce so it was much easier for my hubby and I to sauce our chicken separately.

My “barely orange” sandwich.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches


  • chicken breasts (1 per person)
  • buffalo sauce (approx. 1 tbsp per chicken breast)
  • ranch or blue cheese (approx. 1 tbsp per chicken breast)
  • bread or burger buns


1. Poach your chicken.  (I had gone for a run before doing this so I put the chicken to cook, then went to take a shower.  I LOVE meals that you can kind of “forget about” like this.)

2. Shred your chicken.

3. Add your desired amount of buffalo wing sauce and ranch or blue cheese to the shredded chicken and mix.

4. Put on bread or a burger bun and enjoy!

My husband’s much more saucy chicken. He made fun of me because mine barely looked orange. Whatever, it was still delicious.

See, VERY easy.  Total working time is about 10 minutes.  Not too tough.

We made ours with the Spicy Garlic sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings (which is DELICIOUS if you’ve never had it) but you can absolutely make your own buffalo sauce too if you’d like.  If you want to make your own wing sauce, choose your favorite hot sauce and mix with melted butter.  The hubby adds a little vinegar sometimes but it’s really easy if you want a simple sauce.

This was so good, we had it twice within a week because the hubby requested it.  Awesome!

Hope you enjoy as much as we did!


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