Two Dollar Jewelry Holder

Let me start out by saying this: I have a lot of jewelry.  A lot, a lot.  I have 2 jewelry boxes (well, only 1 that I really use because the other one is one I’ve had since I was really little that holds special things like some old coins, my baby bracelet, etc.), an earring/necklace holder, a bracelet holder, one of those wooden figures that are supposed to be used for art who actually holds more bracelets, and 2 hooks on the wall to hold my long necklaces.  Even so, I’m running out of places to put things and when I’m taking my jewelry off at night, I’m not always the most organized person about it.  I have my wedding rings and my Aggie ring that I wear every day, but those are the only constants.  Earrings, necklaces and bracelets change out daily so as you can imagine, if I’m not organized, they just end up spread out all over the bathroom counter or all over our dresser.

Bottom line: I need something where I can throw my stuff in an unorganized fashion that still looks like I’m somewhat organized.

I had to go run some errands today, one of which included the dollar store.  I’ve been seeing the cute terra cotta jewelry holder all over Pinterest, and while that was my original intention, I ended up doing something a bit different.  Same general idea.  Use something small to connect your bigger pieces that will actually hold the jewelry.

Now, I have to say.  The title is a bit deceiving… I actually spent $3 because I needed super glue and I already have spray paint on hand (… somewhere), which would have cost another $5 or so.  So really I should call it the “Somewhere between Two and Eight Dollar Jewelry Holder”.  Either way, it’s a lot cheaper than what you might spend buying something similar at a store.  Now, you could go nicer and do something glass or something else a little “nicer” than plastic but (a) that’s going to cost more and (b) I don’t really care.  This is something that I’m going to keep in my bathroom or on my dresser so the only people that will see it will be my husband and I.  I don’t need “nice”, I need practical.

Okay, enough talking, let’s get to crafting:

Jewelry Holder


  • “shot cups” (Mine was a pack of 24 but you really only need 6.  Or 8 if you’re smart like me.)
  • 4 pack of plastic bowls (I found mine in the party section and they have a pretty little design on them.)
  • super glue (Did you know they have this at the dollar store?!  I had no clue!  Make sure you get the original stuff and not the gel; the original works better on plastic)
  • optional: paint (I will use whatever spray paint I have laying around… assuming I can actually find it.  For now, mine is staying clear.)


1. Glue 2 cups together, tops together, so they form a sort of diamond.  Do this 3 times.  I made 4.  I’m smart like that.  Oh well, then I could throw out the extra one that I ended up with a gluey finger print on it somehow.

Super glue is strong, you don’t need much.

Don’t put too much glue. A bubble burst so I had a massive flow of glue all at once that ran down the side of the cup. Ugly but it’ll be covered when I paint it.

Did you see the Mythbusters where they tested how strong it actually was?  It was pretty amazing.  Google it.

Make sure you lay down some newspaper or something in case you drip, too… like I did.  You could use hot glue for this too but I wanted the thin stream and almost invisibility of super glue.

1 1/2. Get rid of fly that’s been driving you nuts all morning.  Okay, maybe that’s just me but I FINALLY got the stupid thing.  I didn’t kill him, I shooed him out an open window… look at me being all animal-friendly even to the most annoying little pests.  🙂

2. Start gluing your cups to your bowls.

Luckily the bowls I got had a circle in the center that was almost identical to the size of the bottom of the cups.

3. Let sit.

I stuck something with a little bit of weight in the top bowl to make sure the glue really stuck down.

I got impatient and tried to pick mine up before it fully dried.  The top and bottom bowls fell off.  Oops.

Don’t do that.

Be patient.

4. OPTIONAL: After fully dried, spray paint with the color of your choice.  I will do mine hot pink because well, I love pink and it is the only spray paint we own… I think.  It’s got to be around here somewhere…

Now you have a pretty new (and cheap) jewelry holder.

Rather eclectic assortment of jewelry holders/stands I’ve got going on there.


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