Happy National Running Day!

I had no idea today was National Running Day until I got home from work and started looking around online.  Lucky for me, today is a running day today for me anyway.  No putting it off today!  Not that I really wanted to put it off but it would just be WRONG to not run on National Running Day!  If you go to runningday.org, you can even create a National Running Day 2012 badge:

Since I normally just do my weekly training posts, I decided to take some pictures along the way to make things more interesting:

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own foot with your phone while you’re running?! Pretty hard, I’ll tell ya that much.

I saw this huge bug towards the end of my run and I just had to go back and take a picture. Unfortunately, he was eating bird poop off the ground but whatever, at least he stayed still so I could take a picture. Thanks bug man (or lady)!

One way to get you off your butt and get you out to do your run now rather than later: gotta beat the rain… and the possible tornadoes. Yes I ran outside while there was a tornado watch in effect… hope my mom doesn’t read this!

Since I run around a pond, there are always cool things growing around it, especially now in the spring. I just thought these flowers were GORGEOUS and it took everything I had to not pick them and take them home… no promises I won’t pick them on Friday though.  They kind of look like mini orchids to me.  Anyone know what they are?

See, I wasn’t the only crazy person running when it’s about to rain outside. Sorry to the random people who I took pictures of from behind 🙂

Hope everyone else had a FABULOUS National Running Day.  Did anyone participate in any events?


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