Couch to Survivor Mud Run: Week Five

This was a week of ups and downs.  Unfortunately, it ended on a down 😦

Week 5 is (supposed to be) this:

Monday: walk 5 minutes, jog 9 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Tuesday: rest.

Wednesday: jog 6 minutes, walk 5 minutes, jog 6 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Thursday: rest.

Friday: walk 5 minutes, jog 10 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Saturday: rest

Sunday: walk 5 minutes, jog 11 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

However, my week five was quite different and went more like this…

Monday: walk 5 minutes, jog 9 minutes, walk 5 minutes

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: rest (see my Week Four and a Half post).

Monday: jog 6 minutes, walk 5 minutes, jog 6 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Tuesday: rest.

Wednesday: walk 5 minutes, jog 10 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Thursday: rest.

Friday: rest.

Saturday: walk 5 minutes, jog 11 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Sunday: rest.

(The first) Monday went surprisingly well.  I expected to have a tougher time running outside after running on the treadmill Wednesday and Saturday of the week before.  Although, I must admit, I was “grandpa jogging” by the end.  You know what I’m talking about, that jog that you see old men doing where they are clearly jogging but you know if you were walking next to them at a leisurely pace, you would pass them… yeah, that one.  But hey, I was still jogging and by the time I started walking again, I was quick to catch my breath and was actually walking at a rather quick pace rather than my normal über slow, “I want to die now” pace.

The next Monday was rough.  Since it was Memorial Day, I had off work so I went running around 11am.  I wish I could do that every day!  I met no one else on the trail (only saw a couple of people fishing) so I didn’t have to worry about my dog running away like the little weenie he is.

However, all the smoke from that fire down in New Mexico must have still been in the air because for the first time since week 1, my chest was killing me and I thought I was going to have to stop.   Between feeling slightly dehydrated and the fact that I was having a very hard time catching my breath, it was incredibly rough.  But, I made it!  I didn’t stop, I pushed through.  Ah, the feeling of accomplishment. 🙂

My poor little puppy though, he had a rough time.  While I was walking the first 5 minutes, he just stopped and I had to yank on the leash to get him to get going again, then a few steps later, he did it again.  I was afraid I was going to have to carry him the rest of he way (I was not about to not run because of him… see, determination, I actually have some!).  But luckily, he just needed a quick rest and he was good to run the rest of the way with me!  I was so proud of him.  He’s finally figured out the shade, too.  Our big dog, Gunn, knows the shade quite well and will zig-zag on a trail to get to the shady, cooler spots.  Little Wesson has figured this out now too… I’m a proud mama.  He’s so smart.

Wednesday’s run was AWESOME!  I ran on the treadmill because it was windy (and I hate running in the wind… man I’m picky!) and when it’s super windy, it really smells like cow manure for some reason (I blame Wyoming).  And yes, even growing up in Texas, I don’t necessarily enjoy the smell of cow manure.  Maybe if I lived on a dairy farm or ranch where the cows were making me tons of money, I would appreciate it much more.  But alas, cows just stink to me.  And I have a fear of them.  Have I ever mentioned that?  Yes, I am afraid of cows.  Phew, feels good to get that off my chest.  And feel free to make fun, I know it’s ridiculous and irrational.

Back on track…

The gym was FREEZING cold which may have made a difference but after running for almost 5 minutes, I was still able to breathe in and out of my nose calmly, rather than huffing and puffing like a crazy person (or, you know, someone who’s incredibly out of shape).  That felt GREAT.  I made it to 10 minutes with no problem at all and never had to slow the speed down.  One thing I do enjoy about running on the treadmill is being able to quickly check my heart rate thanks to the handy dandy little heart rate monitor bar.  At 7.5 minutes, my heart rate was 154, which according to the Mayo Clinic Target Heart Rate Calculator, is within the target range for my age.  Go me.  After walking for 30 seconds after finishing my run, my heart rate was already down to 112.  Pretty good.  I think.  It’s amazing to me how quickly my body recovers.

Saturday was pretty much awful.  I didn’t feel like going Friday after work; for some reason, I just have no motivation to do anything Friday evenings.  Plus it was National Donut Day, so we went to Krispy Kreme for dinner.  Yeah, we’re healthy.  Anywho, I had planned on getting up early Saturday morning to go run but I love sleep too much.  I ended up going at around 10 and it was already about 75 degrees out and with the sun beating down on me thanks to an almost completely clear sky, it was hot, which made the run quite hard.

I also ventured out a little from my normal loop and where I went has a couple of large hills.  Down is fun.  Up… not so much.  I made it without stopping but I was absolutely exhausted, nearly walking by the end (kind of doing a bouncy, tiny step walk so I still feel like I’m jogging) and it took me forever to really catch my breath.  I ended up walking for about 10 minutes just because I ended up farther from home than I had planned and by the time I got home, I still didn’t feel like I had totally caught my breath.

I think I had another problem that some people don’t have such an issue with on Saturday too.  My sports bra felt very tight, which I’m sure was constricting my chest and making it harder to breathe.  There is a reason for this though: I have a rather large chest.  My DD ladies need to be held in tightly for it to not be painful to run at all, however, that also means that I’m constricting my chest more than most people have too.  It’s not fun, let me tell you, but I’d rather be tightly held in than bouncing all over the place.  My trainer friend at work has the opposite problem and always rolls her eyes (like I’m sure some of you are doing) when I complain about my large chest, but for anyone who has the same size or larger, you understand my complaints.   Just another thing I’m having to get used to now that my runs are getting longer.  It’s easier to not feel how tight my chest is when I’m only running for 5 minutes or so.

Do any other larger-chested ladies have any suggestions or maybe a sports bra you’ve found that works really well for you?

One little side note for this week… I have lost 5 pounds since I weighed myself somewhere around week 2 or so.  Woo-hoo!  Although this was never really about weigh loss, it’s good to see a little since I’m working my butt off every week.  I’m also noticing that my legs are looking better.  I actually wore a dress today that in the past couple years has only been a swimsuit cover up because I’d been too self-conscience to wear it out anywhere else.  Now, I do have to admit, I tend to be a rather modest dresser and this dress was only a few inches above the knee, but it was still shorter than something I normally would have worn because I finally feel better about the way my legs look.

REI shared this graphic on Facebook the other day about running shoes so I thought I would share… partially entertaining but also informative…

Running Shoes Infographic: How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

Hope everyone had a great week of running!  Next week is the first week where I just start off running for my full-time, then have a cool down walk, no warm up walk.  Plus my jogging times keep getting higher and higher.. eek.

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