Couch to Survivor Mud Run: Week Four

Let me just tell you, after taking a week off, you’ll feel it!  Also, if you’re one of those people who likes to step on the scale every morning, stop it.  Stop it now.  It will depress you, believe me.  Trainer friend says it’s because I’m gaining muscle and then 4-6 weeks in, I’ll start dropping weight.  Well, this is week 4 and I’m sure not seeing that drop.  But, this was not about weight loss, so I’m not too concerned, I just surpassed the weight I was hoping I never would.  You know that number we all have that we swear if we ever see it on the scale, we’ll immediately do something drastic to get back down below it.  Yeah, I’m there.  I also blame it partially on the scale.  I don’t trust them.  I find it very hard to believe that my weight can vary so much in a day or two.  Plus, have you ever tried weighing yourself, then weighing yourself immediately after?  You’ll probably get 2 different weights.  Okay, done with my rant, sorry ’bout that. Anywho…

Week 4 is this:

Monday: walk 5 minutes, jog 7 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Tuesday: rest.

Wednesday: walk 5 minutes, jog 8 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Thursday: rest.

Friday: walk 5 minutes, jog 9 minutes, walk 5 minutes.

Saturday & Sunday: rest.

As I mentioned, Monday was hard after taking a week off, but I survived.  Wednesday I broke down and ran on the treadmill.  Easiest. Run. Ever.  Not sure if it was because it was inside on a treadmill or because I actually am getting in shape but I’m pretty sure that was my easiest run since Week 1.

However, let’s add another thing to the list of reasons why I hate treadmills: I hit the emergency stop button THREE TIMES!!!  Ugh.  I think I ran for 8 minutes, but it may have been longer because I wasn’t watching the time too closely and I kept hitting the stupid stop button but I wanted to make sure I at least got the full 8 minutes.  Oh, and another reason I hate treadmills: they break down.  So let me tell you a little story…

My apartment complex has a small gym.  When we came and looked at the apartments about 14 months ago, they told us they were renovating and would be getting all new machinery.  Well, when we moved in two months later, it was still the old stuff.  No big deal.  For lent this year I decided that in addition to giving something up (the snooze button; that was tough!), I would also add something: working out at least three times a week.  Most of my working out just included walking a few miles with my puppy but every once in a while, I’d venture to the gym where they have one of those all-in-one machines.

Long story short, something happened with the cord and the weights got stuck suspended up (you can see where this is going, can’t you?).  So me, in all my wisdom, decided to get them down.  Luckily my thumb didn’t get crushed between the weights, but it got hit pretty hard on the way down.  I had some choice words and a nice bruise to follow.  This was the middle of the day on a Saturday so I went immediately into the office to ask if they have anyone who services the machines because one of the cords on the all-in-one is messed up.  The lady tells me that they are totally revamping the workout room and everything is on order.  Great!  That was several months ago and yet it’s still the same crappy machines, including 1 of 2 treadmills that doesn’t work and a bike that doesn’t work.  Great, thanks apartment complex.

The purpose of this story is that what should have been an 18 minute workout turned out to be much longer because I had to wait for the guy on the one working treadmill to finish.  So I mindlessly biked a little… on the bike machine that doesn’t work.  At least you can still pedal with no electronics.

Wow, okay, back on track… again…

Friday I was tired so I traded in a Friday run for  Saturday run.  Saturday here in Colorado was gross- rainy and cold (well, not cold, but way too cold considering it’s mid-May) so once again, I ran on the treadmill.  Not nearly as easy as Wednesday’s run but if you would have asked me 4 weeks ago to run for 9 minutes, I would have laughed in your face.  I’m not running as fast as I would like to be but I know that’s something that will come with time.

Finally, I found this graphic on Pinterest and I love it so I have to share:

Compiled by

I am DEFINITELY seeing the effects of my running every day.  Most importantly: increases self-esteem.  I know I say this in just about every post, but I really do feel great.  I don’t dread running, I love it.  I’m proud of myself for getting off my butt and doing something.  I’m impressed that I’m doing this without dying and I’m sticking with it.  Now I understand why people run marathons… well, maybe.  Over 2 hours of running is still a little insane to me.  But maybe a half.  Maybe that’ll be my goal for 2014.  5K this year, 10K next year, half marathon the year after?!  Sounds reasonable.

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