Cheap & Easy Flower Centerpiece

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Did I catch ya with the title?  This adorable spring centerpiece is very cheap: $5 with supplies from the dollar store (I got my stuff from Dollar Tree).  It’s also easy, just wrapping and gluing: took me less than an hour.  I was able to get most of it done while dinner was in the oven.

See, look how bright and springy and adorable!  I managed to remember to take lots of pictures with this one, so hopefully they help.

So here’s how you do it:

Supplies:  (As I said before, I got everything at Dollar Tree)

  • mason jar (they carry pint sized ones that you can buy individually)
  • twine
  • 3 bunches of flowers
  • hot glue gun

1. Pull the flowers off the stems.

2. Start wrapping your twine around the mason jar.  I started by gluing all the way around once at the very bottom of the jar, then just wrapping up.  I stopped towards the top where the jar starts to come in a little and it makes it hard to keep nice neat rows.  Plus I knew the flowers and leaves would come down and cover that part anyway. I also glued the entire top strand to keep it from slipping up on the jar.

3. Glue 1 flower onto the top center of the mason jar lid.  Yes, leave the lid ON, that’s what you are gluing all your flowers to.

You can also see here what I meant with trying to explain at what point I stopped wrapping the twine around the jar.

3. Make your next row of flowers.  I’ll try to explain as best I can where to do so.  It’s about half way between your center flower you just glued on and the inside edge of the lid.  Does that make sense?  Probably not, so here’s a picture that might help:

You can really just judge on your own where it needs to go.  Squish it in just enough to scrunch up some of the petals of your center flower.

It’ll look like this when you’re done:

4. Now do your third row of flowers.  This one is going to be even more interesting to explain…  What I did was took one flower and added it in between the flowers in my second row and glued the little stub of stem completely horizontal onto the top of the lid, but the very edge.  Wow… I hope someone got that.

Hopefully that helps.. a little.

5. Now add your fourth row.  These are going to be glued directly under the second row flowers in the little lip between the bottom of the lid and the glass.

They are glued standing straight out, but since hot glue is a wonderful invention, it holds after just a few seconds.

If you get the same flowers I did from Dollar Tree, you are 1 short, but I just squished the other flowers in that area a little closer together and will turn that part to the back. 🙂

There should be a yellow flower in between those 4 pink and orange ones, but would you ever know if I hadn’t just told you?  Nope!

6. Pull the leaves off the stems and pull the little plastic thingy out of the center of the leaf trio.

Then cut the leaves apart.

7. Glue a row of leaves under your fourth row of flowers.  I glued mine pretty much directly under the lowest flower.

Tada!  Your’e done!

Such a cute little centerpiece for our table!

So pretty and springy.

Would LOVE to see anyone else’s centerpiece!

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