St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Although my husband thinks St. Patrick’s Day is all about shamrocks and an excuse to drink, I also think it’s another great holiday that I get to decorate for!  I finally have some free time after spending weeks studying for tests for work (more on that in another post) and what do I want to do?  Craft, of course!!  So today during my lunch break, I went to Michael’s and picked up some supplies.  This is what I came up with:

The general idea is something that I’ve seen floating around Pinterest, but I haven’t seen a St. Patrick’s Day one yet, so here’s mine.  It was REALLY EASY too!

So here’s what you need:

  • styrofoam wreath
  • yarn
  • flowers and any other decoration you might want
  • hot glue
  • scissors or wire cutters to cut the stems off your flowers

See, it’s already pretty easy: short supplies list!

1. Start out by wrapping the yarn around the wreath.  I really wish I could tell you how much this used.  I started with about 10 feet and got maybe 1/8th of the wreath done.  As best I can tell you, you’re going to need a lot.  You could glue the starting pieces of the yarn to the wreath, but I just tied them to the wreath.  You want to get the yarn as tight as possible so that you don’t see any of the wreath underneath.

As you can see, I had quite a mess because I decided to pull all the yarn out of it’s nice little roll so that I could cut it off: I do not recommend this!  It got all knotted and messy and would be much easier if you just pulled it straight from the little ball of yarn.  (See, you can tell I’m not a knitter, I don’t even know what to call the ball of yarn.)

2. Once you’ve gotten the yarn wrapped all the way around and tied it, you’re done with the worst part.  Take a break and celebrate with a glass of wine. 😉

3. Since I have some perfectionist issues, I was really bothered by the strings that overlapped messily, so I cleaned up the back of it a bit.

It’s the back, who cares, right?!  Me.  I care.

4. Cut your flowers down.  You want to cut as much of the stem off as possible so that you can more easily glue them down to the wreath.  Place your flowers however you want, hot glue them down then ta-da!  You’re really done!  I decided to stick some shamrocks in the center of my white flowers to make it slightly more St. Patrick’s Day-sy.  I (obviously) used 2 different colors of yarn, but I’ve seen wreaths with only 1 and with 3, so it’s pretty much just personal preference.

All in all, this wreath only took me a couple of hours and like I said, the worst part was how long it took to wrap the wreath in the yarn.  Hope you enjoy and I’d love to see how anyone else’s turns out!

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11 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

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  3. Is that a clear belt that you used to hang the wreath? Can you give more details on that? How exactly is that hung over the door? I’m always looking for better ideas for hanging wreaths that don’t ruin my door or walls.

    • Sarah, It’s a clear wreath hanger that I found at Walmart several years ago around Christmas. It’s really nice because you can adjust the length so I’ve taken it from apartment to apartment and always been able to change it to the size I need. Not sure if they have them now but definitely check back around Christmas!

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