Tie-dye Cake

So yes, it’s normally called a rainbow cake, but I made this for my boss’s birthday and we decided it was a tie-dye cake (he’s apparently a bit of a deadhead).  Anywho, I saw the cake originally here, while perusing Pinterest.  Mine turned out like this:

Now, I have to admit, my colors weren’t GREAT because I had to REALLY stretch the red food coloring so the red was kind of pink, the orange kind of coral and the purple more on the blue side, but it still looked pretty awesome if you ask me.

So, here’s how you do it:

1. Buy ingredients to make two normal cakes (feel free to use a boxed mix or your normal vanilla or white cake recipe).  You could make only 1 cake but I think it’s prettier with 2 layers and therefore more color.  If you try to do 2 layers with 1 cake it just looks kind of sad.

2. Make the batter as usual, but before putting it into the pans, separate the batter into 6 different bowls (or however many colors you want to use).

3. Color each bowl of batter with a different color.

4. Now it’s time to put them in the pans.   You’re going to use about half of the batter in each bowl to start.  Start with red, orange, yellow in one pan and purple, blue, green in the other (assuming you are using rainbow colors, if not, just do half of your colors in one pan and the other half in the other pan).  After pouring in the first color, pour the next color into the center of the previous color so that they spread out and make a nice rainbow/tie-dye effect (see the picture below).  You want to do half of the colors in one pan and half of the colors in the other pan so that if you aren’t doing exactly half of the batter (and let’s face it, who’s that good?!), you don’t have 2 very differently sized cakes.

5. Once you’ve got your first three colors done in each pan, add the remaining colors.  As you can see, mine splattered a bit while I was pouring, but it just made those pieces a little extra colorful!

6. Finish as directed.

I just used a plain ol’ vanilla frosting on the cake since the inside was the important part and I wanted it to be a bit of a surprise when he cut into it and it was all colorful.

See... ah, boring cake...

But then:


I had to fight to get this picture before it all disappeared!  Everyone LOVED it.. including my boss (brownie points for me!).

Just thought I’d share how MY rainbow/tie-dye cake turned out.  I’d love to see anyone else’s too!


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