Rescuing My Husband

So that title could lead to several different types of posts.  Mine, however, is about literally rescuing my husband who got stuck in the snow when he went up into the mountains to do a little off-roading and shooting with a friend.

Let’s start at the beginning…

A friend of his from work had never shot a gun before and of course my hubby was more than willing to offer to take him shooting.  Getting the same day off together was going to be a challenge, but they happened to both have yesterday off so they planned to meet up around 10am then head up to this place we had found where a ton of people tend to shoot…

See... people actually shot down this tree!

Around 12:30, I’m at work (of course), sitting at my desk, eating my lunch and I hear my phone vibrating in my purse (which, he got lucky, because normally I don’t hear it!) and see it’s him.  Knowing what he was doing, I got a little worried.  I pick up only for him to tell me that he “slid off the road” and was stuck in the snow.  My first thought was, oh God, his car slid off the side of the mountain and is being held up only by some trees.  Thank goodness that was not the case, he had slid slightly to the side away from the cliff (phew!).

At this point, so that I don’t totally emasculate him, let me tell you this:  He has a 4 wheel drive Xterra and has been driving off-road since he was 16.  I completely trust him when we go off-road (though I do still freak out at times) and I KNOW that he knows exactly what he’s doing so the fact that he got stuck, I knew it must be pretty bad.  Plus, since we just moved up to Colorado this summer, this was only the second time he had been off-roading in the snow.

Anywho, he asked me to leave work early, go get him a snow shovel (which we don’t own since we just moved up to Colorado this summer and live in an apartment) and some sort of utility jack thingy from 4 Wheel Parts (luckily he called them for me so when I went in and said “Uh, my husband called about some heavy duty utility jack thingy”, they actually knew what I was talking about) then come up and help pull him out of the snow.  Lucky for him, I have a 4 wheel drive Jeep (it’s just a Patriot but at least I knew I’d be able to get to him).  So I left work at 2:30, went home to change (the red pumps I was wearing weren’t exactly good snow shoes), picked up the jack and shovel and headed out to near Evergreen, CO for the rescue mission.

Before I arrived, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Land Rover Discovery and a Mercedes SUV all tried to pull him, but to no avail.  The Discovery even got stuck and the hubby and his friend had to push that guy out.

This was the scene when I arrived:

Yeah, he was in there pretty good.  Luckily, he always carries straps with him, so we attached them to my car and attempted to use the jack that I had picked up for him.  Which, by the way, a little blonde girl walking into 4 Wheel Parts got some strange looks I’m sure!

Well, all that accomplished was breaking a strap.  Plus I had to be to the side because directly behind him was the deep snow that the Discovery had gotten stuck in and by this point the sun was going down and the snow that had been all pushed around by the other vehicles was getting quite icy.   Ice = no traction = no help in getting him unstuck.

Speaking of the sun going down, the sky was gorgeous while the sun was setting!

Anywho, back to the story… After breaking a strap trying to use my car to pull him out, they decided that maybe they could try pulling him forward by attaching straps to a tree.  Betcha can guess what happened…

Another strap broke.  Great.  By this point the sun was really starting to go down and it was getting quite chilly for this little Texas girl so being the smart cookie that I am, I offered to head back in to Evergreen to get some ice melt and maybe that would help give him some traction and make it easy enough to get out.

By this point it’s pretty much dark so he calls and tells me that he is just going to have to bite the bullet and call someone to tow him out.  Great.  Yet another expense that we didn’t need, but I agree.  Thank goodness for Google Maps!  I searched for a tow truck company, the first one I called didn’t do off-road but gave me the name of someone she thought did (thank you!).  Called him up and apparently Jeff had called him too so we got him to come out.  Guy said he was only 8 miles away and “knew a shortcut” to get there and would give me a head start since I was in town.  Okay, great.  That way I can sit at the bottom of the road so that he knows exactly where Jeff is…

Over an hour later he FINALLY arrived with a big ol’ jacked up Jeep Wrangler with a big ol’ winch on the front.  Thank goodness!!  Once he finally got there, it only took him about 45 minutes to get Jeff down the mountain.   We paid the man his astronomical fee (luckily his wife was nice enough to mention that this could be included in “roadside assistance” for our insurance and we should get it fully reimbursed.. sweet!) and headed home.

Luckily they weren’t too far from Denver, but it was still nearly 8:45 when I got home last night and needless to say, I was not really a happy camper.  Lucky for my hubby though, my birthday is coming up in just over a month so he can just go ahead and wrap his “I’m sorry” into my birthday gift. 🙂

I’m also pretty sure I deserve a “Wife of the Year” award, don’t you?!

What have you done nice for your spouse lately??


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