Puppy Bath Time

We all know our dogs don’t always love bath time.  Well, I wanted to share a little trick I found to help my little guy like it just a little bit more…

That, my friends, is a rubber duck.  And, he jumped into the tub by himself as soon as I put it in.  The rubber duck is his special bath time toy.  We put it out of his reach other times so that he doesn’t lose interest in it.  I fill up the tub with several inches of water so that the duck floats and he chases it around and chews on it while I bathe him.  It works GREAT!  He doesn’t even notice that he’s getting a bath because he’s too interested in the duck.

I’m sure any other plastic toy that will float works, the duck is just something I started using when he was a puppy because it was already on the side of the tub.

(Sorry for the crappy quality of this picture, I was trying to catch it with my phone before he hopped out of the tub).  Once his bath is over he typically tries to hop out of the tub with his duck so he can run off and tear it up, but I make sure I take it from him before he has a chance.

It’s worth a shot if you have a dog that isn’t a big fan of bath time.  Just wanted to share my little tip with you.  Hope it works for you as well as it as worked for me!


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