What a Year

2011 was a HUGE year for me (and my husband).  Let’s start at the beginning…

February 6: Turned 25, quarter of a century old.

February 27: Bridal portraits!!

March 13-19: My first trip to Colorado!

March and April: Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Party!!

April 23: OUR WEDDING!!!! Mr & Mrs Jordan

April 26-May 1: Honeymoon in Big Bend National Park!

May 13: Graduation from law school

May 20: Goodbye Texas… Moved in to the new apartment in Colorado!

October-December: This Texas girl learned to drive in the snow!

The rest of the year has been spent getting settled in Colorado, finding jobs, taking the bar, failing the bar (probably the one thing that would have made this year better), developing my love for baking, starting my Etsy jewelry business and missing our family and friends in Texas.  We got to see both of our families over Christmas and it was WONDERFUL!!!  We love it here in Colorado but sometimes it is so hard to be away from all of our family and friends.

We are very excited to see what 2012 has in store for us!!  There are several things on the to-do list for 2012 so we’ll see what happens!  I hope everyone has a wonderful new years.  Please be safe if you go out.  I’ll be sitting at home with a small bottle of champagne hoping I don’t fall asleep before midnight. 🙂


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