Diaper Bassinet

I wanted to do something special for a co-worker and his wife who just had their first child but didn’t want to do the  general diaper cake.  I found a picture on Pinterest of a diaper  bassinet and decided, hey, I can do that.

The finished bassinet!

See, I could do it!  I was pretty proud of the way that it turned out, but unfortunately, I was trying to get it done in a night (yeah, I’m quite the procrastinator) so I forgot to take pictures along the way, but I’m hoping that my instructions will suffice.  It really was quite simple!  Here are the other pictures I got:

(Sorry, picture is turning when I upload it) But here's the front of the bassinet

(Again, same flipping issue) Top of the bassinet.

Alright, here are my instructions (hopefully you can look back at the pictures if you get confused):


  • 20 diapers (I used newborns so mine was small but you can use whatever size you want)
  • 8 rubber bands
  • string
  • ribbon
  • something sturdy to put it on when finished

1. I took a stack of 7 diapers and rubber banded them together.  My rubber bands were too small to fit around all of them, so I did a stack of four and then took the other three and one from the original stack of four and rubber banded those together so that both stacks were connected to make a pile of 7.  This pile will be the inside of the bassinet and will lay flat on whatever your sturdy surface is.

–> I put the rubberbands in the center of all of the diapers so that it would be easy to cover them with the ribbon.

2. I rubber banded piles of 2 diapers together.  I did 6 piles of 2 to create the edges of the bassinet.

3. I leaned all of the piles of two around the large pile of 7.  Two on each side, one in the front and one in the back.  I say leaned because I wasn’t able to get them to stand on their own.  If you can get them to stand: more power to ya!

4.  I took my string and tied it around the piles of 2 to tighten them to the inner pile of 7 to make it look kind of like a crib.

5. Take one diaper and open it up to stretch it across your bassinet.  I stuck the stretched diaper in between the two diapers that made up each of the sides and that made it stay just fine.  Once you put the ribbon on, that also helps keep it in place.

6. Wrap ribbon around the outside of the bassinet to cover up your string and rubber bands.  I used removable double stick tape to hold it in place so that it would be easy to take apart and the diapers could still be used by the new parents.  I taped it in the front where it was cut and in the back so that it would not slip down and expose the rubber bands.

7.  I then took a piece of ribbon and wrapped it over top of the stretched out diaper.  I used the rubber bands on the piles of two that are holding the opened diaper to hold my ribbon in place, but you could also use more tape for this.

–>I also think that if you wanted to make this ribbon go all the way around the bottom, it would help it stay all together even without your “sturdy base”.

8.  To cover the rubber band on the pile of 7 that makes up the bottom part of the bassinet you could use a burp cloth or blanket depending on how big your bassinet is.  I just used some ribbon to cover it up which worked just as well.  I also wasn’t too worried about how it looked because I put a small rabbit in the bassinet so you couldn’t see the bottom of it anyway.

9.  Stick a bow on the front (or wherever else you would like) and voila!  You’re done!!

Hope my instructions were helpful.  If you have any questions, please let me know!!


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