Dog & Mommy Clothes

I finally gave in and starting looking on Pinterest.  Which by the way, if you need an invite, feel free to give me your e-mail and I’ll send you one.  Because let me just tell you: it. is. AMAZING!  If this is your first time reading my blog and you don’t know me: I LOVE to cook (mainly bake) and craft!  Want proof?!  Just check out my Pinterest page.

Dog Booties

Okay, so one of the things that has been on my list was to make Wesson some little booties before the first snowstorm of the season hits tomorrow now.  He only weighs about 7 pounds and unlike many other dachshunds, is not overweight, so he doesn’t have all that “blubber” to keep him warm.  I already had some fleece from making him a bed (that he currently won’t sleep in).  I headed to Joann’s (bad news for my wallet, I know) to pick up some sort of outdoor-friendly bottom for his booties.  I found some black pleather (that just happened to be 50% off) and bought an 1/8 of a yard, the least amount I could buy.

After coming home with just what I went for a whole lot more than I intended to buy, I measured my puppy’s foot (a tiny little inch and a half) and ankle (only an inch) and cut a form out of cardboard in kind of a light bulb shape but added a half inch to each measurement so that I could allow for 1/4 inch to stitch and then it would fit snug.

I won’t lie, I ended up making 6 little booties and no, he’s not some mutant puppy with extra legs, I just screwed up on the first two.  The first one, I didn’t think about a stitch allowance and the second one, I had this wonderful not-so-great idea of how to tighten the bootie to his foot.  After that didn’t work, I decided to just make a strip that I could wrap around his little ankle to make it stay in place.  This worked out MUCH better.  I even cut a little slit in the front to make it even easier to get his little paw into the bootie.  When I first put them on his paws on Saturday he wasn’t a huge fan, but it’s amazing how a 40 degree temperature drop will change his mind.  He was VERY happy to have them today when it was 40 and raining!

Here is the finished product (my model wasn’t being 100% cooperative):

Dog Jacket

While at Joann’s, I found a pattern for a dog jacket that had sizes for extra small to extra large (perfect for my two boys).  The extra small was still a little too big, but after cutting out pieces of the fabric, I tried them on Wesson several times to make sure it was fitting correctly.  I wanted to make sure I made it long enough for his long dachshund body.  Normal dog clothes barely covers half of him, hence why I wanted to make my own in the first place.  Again, I used the same fabric from his bed and used velcro on the straps.  Using the pattern, it was really easy to make the jacket.

Here is the finished product (he was being slightly more cooperative here):

Mommy Scarf

So this was something I found on Pinterest.  I’ve never bought (or made) any sort of infinity scarf but I decided that with the impending snow and freezing temps, it was a good time to try.  All of the actual directions are on this blog.   I highly recommend going to her site and using her fantastic step-by-step directions.  The video she posted was also VERY helpful!

The total cost of this scarf was $4.16 + tax.  You only need 15 inches of each knit fabric and Joann’s had it 50% this week (plus I had a 30% off card so mine was actually a little cheaper than that even).  Not too bad!!  I did mine with black and a gray and black zebra print and I’m really impressed with the way it turned out!

Here is the finished product (please excuse the model’s end of day exhaustion look):

The scarf doubled


So that was my craftiness these last few days that I thought I’d share.  I highly recommend making the scarf and if you are handy with a sewing machine, the dog stuff isn’t bad either!  Hope everyone has a great week and say a little prayer I can get to work safely tomorrow morning!  (The grass is already covered with snow.)


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