Tears, Snow, Smiles


When I got to work on Friday, I had a teddy bear and a card sitting on my desk.  Almost everyone in my office had signed the card with uplifting, positive comments.  I had been tear-free for nearly 12 hours, but yet again, I burst into tears.  It’s so great to have such amazing coworkers… and I haven’t even been there two months!


My parents came in town this weekend from Texas and conveniently, the weather in Colorado was supposed to be absolutely disgusting on Saturday so we decided to head out into the mountains and go to Breckenridge.  I’d take 30s and snowing over 40 and raining any day.  It took us almost twice as long to get there as it should have, but I had my first experience driving in the snow and I survived!!  🙂

If you’ve never been to Breckenridge, it’s SUCH a cool little town!!  Tons of little shops, restaurants, coffee shops and absolutely gorgeous!  Made even better by the light snow falling.

I cannot wait to head out to Breckenridge to actually go snowboarding!  One mountain opened last weekend and I think two others are opening this weekend!  Snowboarding in October?!  Amazing!  If anyone wants to come visit we are DEFINITELY going to Breckenridge!  It is one of my new favorite small towns.


I picked up my mail on Sunday and had something from the Colorado Supreme Court… my score report.  How bad had I actually done?!  12 points.  Twelve.  Passing is 276, I got a 264.  Disappointing, but I couldn’t help but smile knowing that I KNEW I could pass in February.  If I had failed by like 100 points… okay, maybe I shouldn’t be an attorney.  But 12, less than 5%.  Between finding that out and my wonderful, supportive coworkers and family, this experience has been made much more pleasant than I ever could have expected failing the bar could be.

In addition, when I got to work on Monday, I went into the head associate’s office to do a phone call with him to a new client and he asked if I still wanted to keep my assistant and take on the associate position and just have him do my IRS phone calls that I can’t do.  Really?!  ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!!

So today, I moved into my new quasi-office.  Why is it a quasi-office?  I had to move into the conference room because they ran out of other offices.  Fine with me… now I don’t have to walk down the hall to the printer, I have a door I can close, and I’m not just stuck in a hallway.  Sounds pretty good to me!  The VP of the company even said that he’s ordering an “executive desk” for me next week… sounds fancy!  I am sad to leave everyone in the other office (even though I’m just down the hall, it’s still not the same), but on the upside, the printer is in the conference room, so I’ll be constantly seeing them anyway!


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