Bar Results

Well, I failed.  One of the worst feelings in the world, scrolling through the list of names and not finding yours, going back through again to make sure you didn’t miss it, then there come the tears when you realize it’s really not there.

Praying I can keep my job.  When I interviewed they said that if I didn’t pass, I could stay on as an assistant while I study to take the February bar.  I sure hope they remember that they told me this!  I’m thinking about taking the EA (Enrolled Agent) exams in the meantime.  There are 3 exams and would still get me to the same associate position.  It covers all tax stuff, I would just need to look more at the actual preparing of returns, not just the rules from the Code, which I learned in law school and would just have to review.

Had to leave work early because I couldn’t stop crying and therefore couldn’t focus on any work whatsoever.  Hoping that tomorrow is better.  My parents are coming to visit this weekend so that should distract me pretty well.

I was never overly confident, but never really thought that I would actually fail.  I guess no one does.  This time around I’m going to start studying really early (oh, nowish) and make sure that when I go into that test, there is no doubt in my mind that I am fully prepared (or as fully prepared as you can feel).

I’m horribly disappointed in myself.

However, everyone around me has been very supportive.  Mom called to see how I was doing (terrible).  For the most part everyone at work left me alone with the exception of the occasional hug.  Best friend even said “well, passing on the first try would be so cliche anyway”… isn’t that what best friends are for?!

Came home and distracted myself with cheesy tv and junk food (yes, I was eating my feelings, don’t judge) then organized our extra bedroom closet… again.

Anywho, hope everyone has a good weekend.

UPDATE: Just got my score report back and I only failed by 12 points.  Passing is 276, I got a 264.  What does that mean?!  Start studying those MBE questions now and kick that exams ass in February!!!! 


2 thoughts on “Bar Results

  1. I failed too.
    I also left work after sobbing like a maniac in my office.
    It was extra fun that almost everyone from my school that took it passed. And bragged about it on FB.
    This whole process is demoralizing.
    We’re going to be ok.
    And I fully plan on reading this blog until we both f&*$ing pass.
    Sending good thoughts (and lots o’ virtual drinks) your way.

  2. I was just getting ready to message you when I saw your link to this on Twitter. A lot of people got caught up in it this year. Our bar pass rate was down from the past too, and I have quite a few friends (in addition to you 🙂 ) that didn’t quite make it this time. But I know that for every one of you, this is one of life’s bumps-in-the-road, and each of you will still find success in whatever you decide to do next.

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