Crayon Canvas

Thanks to my wonderful StumbleUpon weekly e-mail, I started looking at this wonderful website with pages and pages and pages of crafty things.  Well, in case you didn’t know, I LOVE being crafty!

One of the really cool, really easy things I found was this… a melted crayon canvas.  Our extra bedroom/office is a little blah right now with just a black desk and a black comforter with gray sheets.  Definitely needed some color so this was the PERFECT thing!!  There are several different places that have directions on how to do this, one person even sells them on Etsy.  However, I’ll give you my own “how to” so you don’t have to look any farther!

Here’s what you need:

  • 64 pack of crayons + 24 pack of crayons or 96 pack (I think I actually ended up using about 60 crayons but I left out the browns, grays, white and black)
  • 16 x 20 canvas
  • Exacto knife (optional)
  • hot glue gun
  • blow dryer
  • patience!

Step 1:

Choose your colors and put them in the order you want.  What’s below is the stuff that got left out: browns, grays, black, white and the leftovers from the 24 pack of Crayons.

(My) Step 1.5:

My little helper has to make sure the crayons smelled okay.

(Optional) Step 2:

I decided that I wanted the paper taken off of the crayons.  I think that if I was doing this for a kids room, leaving the Crayola labels on would be really cute, but I figured that for a guest room/office, I didn’t need a Crayola shrine on my wall.  If you have children, I highly recommend getting them involved in this part!  I feel like if my mom would have told me to peel all the labels off of the crayons when I was a kid, I would have thought I was in heaven!

This was a HUGE pain for me though, so, after frustratingly peeling the labels off all the red and orange ones I realized that if I busted out the Exacto knife, I could just slit the paper and it would come right off (for the most part).  And yes, you will cut into the crayon, but just make sure that you glue that part down and no one will ever know that you cut into the crayon at all.  It probably doesn’t really matter since the crayons get all melty anyway but I did it for aesthetic/OCD purposes.  Some of the crayons had the glue from the paper stick, but it was easy to rub off.  Even with cutting the paper, some of the wrappers still stuck, but it was much easier to get them off.

In reference to the picture: as soon as I got out the Exacto knife, Gunn came over and laid right in front of me, as if he was waiting for me to chop off a finger then he would be there to take care of his mommy.

Step 3:

Glue the crayons to the canvas.  This takes much longer and much more hot glue than you would probably imagine.  I used 3 dots of hot glue on each crayon and it took 3 mini sticks of glue and quite a long time (probably at least 30-45 minutes).

Make sure that after the glue dries, all your crayons are actually stuck on well.  I lightly pushed on the back of the canvas to find out where the loose ones were and just re-glued them.

Step 4:

Blowdry the crayons to make them melt and run down the canvas.   I used high heat and the high setting and you can see when the crayons start to melt.  I’m sure you can do it on warm heat or the low setting but it would take much longer and let’s face it, I’m not that patient.  I did the red, orange, yellow and green and then my wonderful husband decided he didn’t like that way I was doing it and he took over.  Be forewarned: this takes QUITE a while to do!

It seems to work better when you hold the blow dryer directly on the top of the crayons so that the colors melt pretty much straight down.  But again, this is your preference.

This part makes everyone’s different, too.  You decide how far the drips go down and how much you melt the crayons.  My husband thought it would look better if the colors went down further so that you could see every individual color but most of the ones I’ve seen leave more drips and white space at the bottom.

Word of caution: it may splatter when you are melting the crayons so make sure that your area is sufficiently covered.

Step 5:

Let it set.  The crayons dry pretty quickly, but we let it set for a few hours just in case.

Step 6:

Hang and enjoy!  It definitely brightened up the bedroom!!

Total cost for this is very low, all together it probably only took about 2 hours to make and I just LOVE having homemade things in our place!

If you decide to make this, enjoy and let me know how it turns out!!


3 thoughts on “Crayon Canvas

    • I didn’t exactly do it on purpose, but if you hold the blowdryer at an angle, the colors will start to swirl. This is the type of project where no 2 will ever be the same so you kind of have to play with it and just see how it turns out. I’m glad you liked it and good luck!!

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