Who sucks less?

When I signed up for the newspaper (Sunday only for the coupons 🙂 ), they gave us a pass for two free tickets to a Rockies game; for select games, of course.  Two of the games were against the Astros.   Now, I haven’t been a huge Astros fan for years, but they are probably my number three team.  And, being from Texas, I’d definitely like to see a Texas team win play.

Since both the Rockies and Astros are so “wonderful” this year, I decided this might actually be a relatively good game to see who sucked less.  Turns out, the Rockies are slightly better, which isn’t surprising.  Last time I checked, the Astros were the worst team in the MLB.  However, it was a pretty good game.  Final score was 6-8, so at least it wasn’t a blow0ut.   I did realize, though, that there is only 1 person on the Astros team that I still know… where has everyone else gone?!  Of course, I guess I don’t really pay that much attention to baseball.  On a side note, another back-up career which is more of a dream career than anything else is to be a sports photographer.  I love being able to get those awesome, in motion pictures, even with my not-so-great camera.  Now, when I can afford an awesome DSLR.. that’ll be awesome!

Anywho, I don’t really have anything else to say about the game.  It was a baseball game… nothing too exciting happened (not like the 3 grand slams in the Yankee game the other day).  I do have to say, though, being in the nose-bleeds does have its advantages… you can’t beat this view:

This is probably the worst post ever (sorry), but I just really don’t have much to say about the game.  I think I spent more time talking with my husband and taking pictures than actually paying attention to the game.  It was still a great experience and one team we can mark of the list of teams we need to go see while we live here.  Broncos and Avalanche are the next two, although we have to go to a Broncos game early on in the season since it’s an open stadium.  Sitting outside in Denver in December for a football game does not sound fun to me!  Unfortunately, they don’t play the Cowboys or the Texans (except for the preseason game against the Cowboys that was a few weeks ago), so we’ll have to pick a random game to go to, but it’ll still be fun!!

As for a quick update on the job, I am still learning a lot but I am feeling much more comfortable with everything.  I’m starting to build up my clients that I’ll continue working on after I am licensed.  Everyone that I’m working with is being so great, it really helps to have such a great work environment!  It’s a little hard getting used to getting up at 6:30 every day when I was sleeping in until whenever.  Luckily, the dogs haven’t been affected too much since Jeff goes in at 2 and I get home around 4:30, they aren’t stuck at home alone for too long.  And now I have somewhere to take all my baking goodies so that I don’t get fat!  🙂

My life pretty much involves work and being boring/lazy, so I don’t really have a lot to blog about now.  I’m heading to Houston in September and my parents are coming to Denver in October so if nothing else, I’ll have something to talk about then. Hope everyone has a great week!!


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