Workin’ for the Weekend

I totally understand this “mantra” now!  I was soooo sleepy today and unfortunately, the getting up at 6:30 every morning is getting to me. 😦  I slept in until a whopping 8am this morning… Boo!!  Luckily, today was a GREAT day to be up early!!

What am I typing this post on right now? Our brand new HP TouchPad!  Since HP is no longer going to be making the TouchPad, they decided to do a fire sale starting today… The 16 gig for $99.99 and the 32 gig for $149.99!  Luckily, I was looking around on the internet before I went to bed last night and happened to see it.  HP was selling them at this price on their website, as were other retailers.  Since I was up so early anyway, I decided to go see if I could get one.  A Walmart, 2 Office Depots and two phone calls later, I had a 32 gig TouchPad in my hands.

We had been looking at getting a tablet sometime in the future so this was a good opportunity.  Its got webOS instead of Android like we would have preferred, but it is pretty cool.  The HP equivalent of the Android market or Apple App Store is pretty crappy but there are a bunch of others apps online… If I can get them to actually download. :-\  Anywho, it seems pretty cool so far… Definitely some issues with it not responding sometimes, but Jeff is planning on putting a custom Android rom as soon as someone can figure out how to do one well with this.

The rest of this weekend includes laying around watching tv, reading my book club book, possibly some video games and cleaning up the dog toy massacre that is currently taking over our living room.  And a little baking, of course… Decided to treat the office to some apple streusal muffins on Monday! 🙂  Rough weekend, huh?!

Just thought I’d do a little update about everything that has been going on.  Not seeing Jeff much isn’t great but he is supposed to start working more days so we might actually get to see each other more than an hour a day… Woo-hoo!  We also got tickets to the Rockies v. Astros game on Tuesday evening.  Should be an interesting “who sucks less” game, but it’ll be our first event in Colorado besides our hiking trips.  Our tickets are almost directly behind home plate, but in the nose bleeds (they were free tickets, mind you).  The game is at 6:40, so we’ll get a great few of the sunset over the mountains… I cannot wait!

Hope everyone else has a great weekend!  And, I LOVE taking pictures of sports, so I’m sure I’ll have a ton of pictures to post after the game!


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