Lots to Learn

I have now survived my second day at work and my co-workers ask how I like it so far.  Well, it’s overwhelming, but fun.  There is so much to learn right now!  Especially since I’m not actually licensed as an attorney yet, I have to learn what the assistants do as well as what I’ll do when I am licensed and I become a full-on Associate.  Due to the IRS requirements, people that are not Enrolled Agents or Attorneys are only allowed to get so much information from them about the client.  The company deals mostly with small businesses that are in tax debt, but also some individuals.  I got to do my first phone call yesterday into the IRS and I was INCREDIBLY nervous because of how strict they are about everything, but I survived. 😉

Everyone there has been very nice.  I bribed them with cookies and the chewy butterscotch taffy I made today. 🙂  It worked.  There is so much to learn about what assistants can ask the IRS, what the client needs to send us or file with the IRS, etc., etc.  The assistant that is training me on the assistant side of things is great and very helpful.  She said it normally takes about 4 weeks to understand everything, then about 3 months to really feel comfortable with it.  It might be a little harder for me because not only do I have to learn the assistant stuff, I also have to learn the attorney stuff and the attorney that I’m working for is, well… quiet and… somewhat awkward.  But, he knows what he’s talking about and the other attorney is VERY outgoing and friendly and has already offered several times to help me if I need anything, so that’ll be great.  It seems that once you get everything down with what needs to happen, it’s just a lot of repetition.

The office is very laid back.  Yesterday, the assistant I’m working with said I could go to lunch whenever I got hungry.  When I asked how long our lunches were, she said, however long you want/need as long as it’s not too long, aka don’t take a 2 hour lunch, even though apparently the attorney we work for does sometimes.  Alrighty, then.  Also, the hours of the office are 8-4.  Yesterday, they told me to come in at 8:30, today I got there at 8 and beat half the office there.  Apparently 8 is more of a suggestion, but I don’t mind being there early, oddly enough, since I’m not even close to a morning person.

Anywho, it’s going well so far.  I got my own client yesterday already that I will be the assistant on to begin with, then it’ll be my case when I become an associate.  Hooray!


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