What happened to “Sunday Best”?!

For the first time in, well, far too long, I went to church this morning.  Since this was a new church, I dressed down just a little in case this was a more casual church; meaning a somewhat casual dress, cardigan and wedge sandals.  Now, I’m Catholic and I believe that due to the more traditional nature of Catholic churches, dress should match and be the more traditional “Sunday best”.  Even in my slightly dressed down Sunday best, I felt almost over dressed.  I saw guys in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops, and I was one of the few women actually wearing a dress.  There are many other more casual churches that would be a more appropriate place for these people who don’t feel like it’s important to get up on a Sunday morning and get dressed up for God.

When did jeans become acceptable church attire?  What about cargo shorts and flip flops?!  I understand that the weekend is a relaxing time for most people to be able to dress down from their normal work attire.  However, for an hour on Sunday morning, I think you still need to dress up for church, for God.  Maybe I’m just becoming a grumpy old lady, who knows.  When you walk into your house of worship, in whatever form it may be, I think you should be wearing something more special than your every day blah.  I will give it to a good portion of the men, most were in slacks or khakis and a button down shirt… and then there was the guy in the cargo shorts, sandals and a sleeveless jersey-looking shirt.

Alright, I’ll get down off my soapbox now.

On a side note, I just picked up the book for the “Girly Book Club” I joined, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.  I can’t wait to start reading it and go to the first book club meeting on the 30th!

Edit: Forgot to add this in: I got almost nothing out of church today… ugh.  Apparently I sat in the loud children/bad parents section of church today.  Since when did people lose their manners and think it is okay to just sit in church while their children talk loudly or scream throughout the entire mass.  Priests/pastors/ministers/whoever wear microphones for a reason.  There are normally cry rooms or you can hear everything from the lobby.  Please take your loud child out and calm them down so that the rest of us can hear and enjoy the mass.  Okay, now I’m REALLY down off my soapbox.


4 thoughts on “What happened to “Sunday Best”?!

  1. I agree with you steph. If someone dresses up for work during the week yet doesn’t dress up to go worship the Lord, what is that saying? That work is more important to worship? Even if someone doesn’t have a job that requires them to dress up or they don’t happen to own anything other than jeans and tshirts, I think God at least deserves the respect of a clean pair of jeans and a clean tshirt if that is the best they’ve got.

  2. I honestly just depends on what kind of church you go to. I can wear capris and wedges and a shirt to my church, I can dress up, or as a small group leader through the middle school ministry sometimes I do wear flip flops, and the church middle school t-shirt. Either way I don’t feel it really matters what you wear. It is what is in your heart.

  3. I feel the same way! The sanctity of Sunday mass has really down graded around me as well. Shorts, talking people and loud children just irritate me which is the opposite of what I’m there for. Maybe its God giving me the opportunity to be patient, but sometimes I’m just not ready for it.

    I found that the quiet more, let’s just say, respectful types go to the early or vigil mass. It’s a bit of work to get up that early, but its really rewarding and although it shouldn’t matter the atmosphere (and should be in your heart), I feel like I get more out of it and it makes me happy.

    Hope this helps! Good luck finding your church 🙂

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