Grow Some Balls

Yes, this is a venting post (mostly).

If you read my “Interviews” post, you’ll remember that I had two interviews with one company and was waiting to hear from them to set up another interview with the general manager.  I’d called several times and yet the HR lady never answered her phone.  I left her a message and sent her an e-mail making sure she got my message, but never got a response.  Finally, today, I check the mail and have a letter from them saying that I didn’t get the job.  Okay fine, but let me be honest, seeing that letter frustrated me more than disappointed me.  You can’t even tell me over the phone, or hell, even through an e-mail that I didn’t get the job?!  Come on!!  If she would have just returned my phone call on Monday, I wouldn’t have spent this entire week wondering/hoping to hear back from her!

Here’s my other problem with this situation: YOU NEVER ASKED ME ANY QUESTIONS TO ACTUALLY FIND OUT IF I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TAX OR TO REALLY GET TO KNOW ME.  Ugh!!!  How do they know I’m not the right candidate for them?!  Because outside of my resume, they didn’t really have much to go on based on my “interviews”.  Obviously my resume was good enough to get me an interview, so, what, I’m not pretty enough or something?!  Just seems ridiculous to me.

Okay, I’m done.

On a side note, I’ve been baking and cooking the past couple of days.  I made peanut brittle (messy but delicious), brown sugar shortbread cookies (AMAZING and easy, only three ingredients!), butterscotch taffy (which apparently I don’t like), and orange jelly candies (those won’t be ready until tomorrow, so we’ll see).  I also made a roast with potatoes and carrots for dinner tonight.. mmm, tasty!  As much as I need a job, I think my husband is enjoying the treats he comes home to now that I’m home all day. 🙂


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