Stay at Home Wife… ish

I realized today that I haven’t posted in a while so I started thinking about why.  This is what I came up with: I am doing absolutely nothing and therefore have nothing to talk about.  It’s that simple.  Since the bar exam I’ve cleaned the apartment, entertained my husband’s parents, hiked a few days and read a book.  Oh, and I’ve had a couple of interviews with a tax resolution firm.  Seems like a great company, I just have to go in one more time to meet with the general manager.  Pretty promising!

Today, after taking my in-laws to the airport, I decided to bust out the sewing machine and make my dog a new bed.  A Facebook friend posted a picture of a dog bed that she had made in the same way you make those “no-sew” quilts, by just tying the fleece together.  It was super cute, which got me thinking that I could do that, too.  Well, my husband’s mom has this bag sort of dog bed for her dachshunds that my little guy LOVES, so I decided to see if I could somehow combine the cuteness of the tied look with the bag.  This is what came out:

It’s fleece and a super soft polyester, so it’ll (hopefully) be great for winter.  He wasn’t really excited about being in it right now because I woke him up from his spot on the couch to put him in it so I could get a picture, but I’m thinking he’ll warm up to it, especially when it starts to get cooler.  I put a piece of flexible plastic stuff in the front so it keeps the circle shape so that he can get into easier.  He has trouble getting under his blanket when it’s flat against the couch, so I wanted to make the opening stay open.  I wonder if I could sell these on Etsy or something?! (Which, a friend actually suggested when I put a picture of it on Facebook)  This cost me about $15, but I only used about half the fabric that I bought and if I look for sales, I could easily cut my costs below $10.  Just a thought.

One of the things I actually have accomplished in the past week was doing a couple ROUGH hikes!  Now, let me start out by saying that my husband’s parents are in very good shape!  The day after they got up here they went for a 3 mile run… I’m pretty sure I’ve never run 3 miles, especially not at this altitude!  The first day we were going to go hiking, we were planning on taking a trail that runs along the creek by Butler Gulch but seemed flatter.  We didn’t know where it went and couldn’t find anything about it.  Well, we started walking down and found that it didn’t actually go anywhere, it was probably just a trail people had created to get from a campsite to the Butler Gulch trail.  We decided to drive his parents up Jones Pass, above the tree line, and just create our own trail.

Obviously not much grows above the tree line, but there was a field of sunflowers, it was gorgeous!

We pretty much arbitrarily picked a point and started going that way.  We quickly learned that a) it’s chilly at 12,000 ft and b) the air is quite thin at 12,000 ft.  We stopped at some large rocks to take a quick break and decide how exactly we were going to get up.  My husband’s dad decided it “wouldn’t be that bad” to climb up near a rock outcrop, aka, directly up the steep side of the mountain to get to the ridge.  The rest of us stayed down where we were resting while he climbed.  If he didn’t have a heart attack on the way up, we’d follow.  That was dumb.  We should have just gone the longer, but easier route.  We started up and nearly died.  We have no idea how he made it up so quickly!  Totally worth it when we made it up though!  Wow.  Gorgeous views!

case in point

Then, we got caught in our first rainstorm in the mountains.  We know to be prepared and watch the skies, so it definitely could have been much worse than it was.  But, when rain comes over the mountains and it’s already chilly up there, it gets COLD, real fast!  I carry a thermometer on my pack and by the time we got to the car it showed 42°… and raining.  Brr!!  Definitely an experience watching the rain come over the mountains.  It sucked getting caught in it, but it’s amazing to watch it and to actually be higher than the rain clouds!

The rain coming over the mountains... it's quite difficult to actually capture in a picture, but I tried.

On our way back down, we stopped to place a geocache.  If you don’t know what that is, here is a Wikipedia article about it.  Unfortunately, we got home and logged it on, only to find that it was too close to another one. 😦  So, the next day, my husband’s parents were headed out to explore on their own, so I loaded up the dogs and headed out to retrieve it.  On county road 202 on the way to retrieve it, just before you get to Henderson Mine, there is an unnamed road.  My husband and I were wondering what was down the road and since he was working all day and the dogs were with me and not sitting at home alone, I decided to go check it out.  The first sign talks about the area being a mine reclamation area… okay.  The next sign says Urad Lake 3.1 miles.  The 3 miles preceding it though are reclamation area and you shouldn’t stop.  Interesting.. alright though.  Luckily I have a 4 wheel drive SUV, the road gets a little rough in places.  However, an old Acura Integra was parked at the lake, so they made it… somehow.  Once you get to the lake though, wow, it is gorgeous!  Nestled between the mountains, being filled by snow melt.  Amazing.  I let the dogs out to swim if they wanted to.  Gunn, our bloodhound got in for about two seconds, then quickly got out.  It was too cold, even for him.  Poor little Wesson got his paws in, then was shivering, he was so cold.  I will give it to them though, it was also about 56° out there, not to mention that they were wet.

View from the top of the Rattlesnake Gulch trail towards the mountains.

Yesterday, we were planning to head out to do the Maxwell Falls hike again with my husband’s parents and the dogs.  However, we got side-tracked and ended up at Eldorado Canyon, near Boulder.  It was really busy for a Friday, so I can’t imagine going there on a Saturday or Sunday.  We did the Rattlesnake Gulch trail, which goes to a Continental Divide outlook.. although it’s sort of blocked by trees.  Yes, trees are wonderful, however, an outlook implies I can actually see clearly/take some (good) pictures.  We took the dogs with us on this hike and met a LOT of other dogs!  (Poor little Wesson got bit on the nose by a stupid pit bull 😦 )  It was a rather rough hike, too (for Texans), gaining about 800 feet, I think, in about 1.4 miles.  Incredible views the entire way, though.  There were also a ton of butterflies throughout the entire trail.  Good views out towards the city through the canyon.  There were a bunch of people camping down by the creek.  I can only imagine that you need to make reservations and watch the weather closely.  There are places where you/your dogs can get into the creek, but it moves rather swiftly.  We found a few spots where the rocks blocked the swift moving water to just make a sort of pool of slower moving water that we could safely let the dogs get in.  There are also places to cook out near the creek and LOTS of rock climbers so look up!!

Looking out of the canyon towards the city.

So I guess my life hasn’t been all TOO boring with all the hiking.  I’m just praying that I get this job so I can actually write blogs about that rather than my random adventures!


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