Bar Exam Observations

Now that the bar exam is over, I have some observations to share:

  • The essays are not that hard.
  • The MBE is even harder.
  • I will judge you for what you wear and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
  • It’s great that you went to Duke for law school, however, I want to punch you in the face for wearing a “Duke Law” shirt both days of the bar exam.  We’re all smart, don’t rub it in that you’re smarter.
  • If you have your hair done, are wearing makeup or look in any way cute, I want to punch you.
  • Dude wearing Buddy Holly glasses with a polo with a popped collar: you look like an idiot.
  • Polo shirts and athletic shorts don’t go together, do you not own a t-shirt?!
  • If you are wearing a suit, you are an idiot, you have a lifetime to wear a suit.  Be comfortable while you can.
  • Taking snacks is quite possibly the best idea ever.
  • The trail mix at Target with chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered pecans, chocolate covered espresso beans and an assortment of other chocolate and nuts is amazing.
  • Finishing multiple choice questions early is great.  I never have to worry about rushing or not finishing.  Having to sit around for an hour until time is up is not great.
  • There are more people taking the bar exam than I ever would have imagined.  1140 was the highest number I saw.  Wow.
  • Having to wait 2.5 months to get your results sucks.  Tell me now, I’m impatient.
  • You will never know everything you are supposed to.
  • Bar review courses are not always right with their suggestions one what probably will or will not be on the exam.
  • Don’t trust what has or has not been on the last 17 exams of essays.  It may change.
  • It’s amazing how quiet over 1100 people can be.
  • I found it funny/interesting that the copyright on the MBE was 2010, not 2011.
  • The chairs on either side of me were empty.  The people didn’t show up.  What the heck?!   You paid almost $600 to not show up?!  Even if you don’t feel prepared, at least TRY!  I’m sure the Colorado Supreme Court appreciates your donation.
  • One glass of wine apparently makes me grumpy.
  • You’ll need a massage after the exam is over.
  • I’d really like to have a ceremonial bonfire with all of my study materials… although I think I should wait until I find out if I passed or not.  Although I REALLY don’t want to have to go through this again in February.
  • Why did someone not warn me about this 3 years ago?!  I’m pretty sure I could be happily teaching a history class somewhere.
  • I pray that the majority of test takers were as dumb as me.  Scaled scoring is a wonderful thing.
  • The rules for the bar exam are stupid and strict.  But follow them, they don’t mess around.
  • Expect to roll your eyes at about a million things they say (ex. Please take the label off your water bottle. Really?!  Do you think I removed the label, then printed a new one that had answers on it and managed to stick it back on to look exactly the same as the original label?!)
  • You’ll never see women pee as quickly as during the bar, especially essay day.
  • WHY would you handwrite the essays?!  You’re crazy.
  • Studying the night between the two days of exams will not happen, don’t plan on it.
  • Don’t eat something for lunch that will make you sleepy.  Wanting to fall asleep while finishing the last 100 multiple choice questions is not fun.
  • Where do they get the proctors?!  Let’s just say there was a diverse crowd… including the guy wearing socks and Birkenstock sandals.  You clearly need a wife.
  • If someone you know is preparing for/taking the bar exam, be very nice, supportive and understanding.
  • Our apartment is a disaster area.  Things are piled everywhere.  Cleaning has not been a priority and therefore has gone undone.  It’s driving me nuts but there wasn’t really time for it.  Now I’m aching to clean and let me tell you, it needs it!
  • I’m also aching to cook a real meal.
I’m running out of witty things to say so I’ll stop.  I’m currently celebrating being done with a glass bottle of wine, Call of Duty, my hubby and tv.  It’s the best feeling to know I don’t have to get up early to take an exam or study.  And let me just end by saying that I have a wonderfully supportive husband which has helped out a TON!
Going hiking tomorrow to relax, then I have an interview with a tax resolution firm on Friday.  Fingers and toes crossed, say a little prayer I get it!

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