The Dog Park

This will be a ranting, venting post.  Fair warning.

It is a gorgeous day here in Denver, so I decided to take the dogs (and my bar exam essay study guide, of course) to the dog park.  For those of you who have never met my wonderful “children”, here they are:

This is Gunn, our 110lb bloodhound.

Our 7lb miniature dachshund, Wesson.

They are, indeed, quite the pair.

Since we got Wesson as a puppy when Gunn was 3 1/2, Gunn feels rather protective of his little brother.  Gunn is also quite good at sensing when something isn’t right or someone/something seems dangerous.

Well, on this fateful day at the dog park, a very large dog that looked like he had at least some pit bull in him decided to “play” with Wesson.

Now, let me stop right there before I anger some people.  I KNOW that pit bulls can be wonderful dogs when trained properly.  They can be just as sweet and gentle as any other dog.  They are great pets and I do agree that they have gotten a bad reputation thanks to people who have not treated them properly (aka teaching them to fight).  However, I also know that they have a propensity to fight and can easily be trained to be aggressive dogs.

Back to the story now that I’ve hopefully redeemed myself with pit bull owners/lovers.  So it’s quite toasty outside and I’m sitting at a table away from nearly everyone else trying to study some essay materials.  Wesson is a little momma’s boy, so he’s sitting right next to me and Gunn is tired from the heat, so he’s also laying right next to me.  Enter the stupid lady and her chihuahua and pit bull-looking mean dog, Herman.  How do I know the dogs name?  Because they wouldn’t let the dog get more than about 15 feet away from them.  To me, that makes me think that they KNOW he’s an aggressive dog and if he isn’t near them, he may attack.  (Of course this is a biased opinion of why they kept calling him back due to the rest of the story, but…)  Why else would you bring your dog to the dog park and then make them stay near you?!

Anywho, they decide that they need to sit at one of the other benches nearby.  Up until this point, I’d had my back turned to Gunn and don’t know what previously happened between Wesson, Gunn and Herman.  As they are walking to the bench to sit down, Wesson runs after them to see what they are up to, and potentially to play with their little chihuahua who is about Wesson’s size.  Gunn trots over, too, to see what is going on.  As soon as Gunn gets about 10 feet away from them, the lady starts yelling at him “Shoo, get, go”, etc.  This immediately caught my attention because I know that normally he runs right up to new people to get his ears rubbed or back scratched and completely ignores their dogs.  I call Gunn back over to me, not knowing what is going on at this point.  Then, Wesson decides to stop playing with the chihuahua because all the chihuahua is doing is snarling at him, he won’t actually play (these people have two great dogs).  Wesson starts walking back to me and Herman decides to follow.

Up until this point, I hadn’t seen Wesson even take notice of big Mr. Herman.  Wesson stops as Herman starts to sniff him and cowers down a bit as if he is scared.  Mighty ol’ big brother Gunn trots over to check things out.  He walks over to them and apparently doesn’t like Herman being around Wesson, so he barks at him.  Not a snarly bark, just a bark.  Like saying, “Hey, get away from him.”   No threats, just a stern statement (as if I know what Gunn was trying to say, but I’m just trying to get the point across that it was in no way an attacking bark).  This in turn makes Herman snarl and try to bite Gunn’s neck, at which point Gunn, like any other living animal would do, tries to retaliate by snarling and biting at Herman.  I call Gunn back over to me immediately and he comes right back.  I hear the younger girl with the lady with Herman say, obviously loudly enough for me to hear, “She needs to take her dog away.”  To which I respond, “He’s fine.”  Then she decides to go so far as to say “If your dog bites my dog, I’m calling the cops.”  “Fine, if your dog bites mine, I’ll call them, too.”

Now let’s think about this ladies: bloodhound, normally known as being sweet, gentle dogs, and which are used as police dogs so I can only assume the officer would have a certain attraction towards Gunn anyway versus a pit bill, known to potentially be fighters.  Guess what the cop is going to do if no one else steps in to say what happened?  Nothing.  They don’t care.  They have better things to be doing.  If Gunn would have bitten Herman and the lady would have called the cops, I would have said that Gunn was acting in self defense because Herman started to attack him.  End of story.  Go home.  Assuming self defense works as a defense to the actions of your dog against another dog.  Still, unless the bite was life threatening, which I seriously doubt it would have been, the cop probably wouldn’t have done anything.

However, this made me so mad, I couldn’t even get any more studying done the rest of the time we were at the park because my hands were shaking so badly.  At one point when she was trying to shoo Gunn away, it looked like she was going to kick him, and I know it would be battery, but I probably would have punched her.  After the fiasco, Gunn was still so tired that the majority of the time, he was laying right by me.  When a new dog would get to the park, he would run up to it with all the other dogs, sniff, and come back.  Even when Herman was around, the most he did was sniff him.  Yeah, my dog is definitely aggressive towards your beast of a dog.  Maybe you need to calm your dog down considering I watched him snarl at and try to bite another dog after the incident with Gunn.

Of course this story is somewhat biased, being that it;s my story and all, but still, threatening to call the cops on my dog is BS!  Especially considering Gunn’s “aggression” was limited to one snarl/biting in the general direction of poor Mr. Herman.

Moral of the story kids: people are stupid.  Get used to it.


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