My 15 minutes of fame… ish

So it’s not 15 minutes, more like one minute.. if that.. but, here’s the story:

Apparently summer weather in Colorado is completely unpredictable (even more than Texas weather).  Yesterday, I woke up and was able to run errands in the beautiful sunshine before the torrential downpour that occurred later in the afternoon (and caused some serious flooding in other parts of town).  Today, I took the dogs to the dog park and watched the storm rolling in.

At the dog park.

We barely made it home before the downpour started.  The local CBS station posts on Twitter anytime there is a storm that if anyone can safely take pictures or video, to @ reply to them with it.

Hail on the balcony- the picture that made the 4 o'clock news 🙂

So, of course, me being the one-time-wannabe meteorologist, I got out our little Flip video camera and started taking video.  It started out as crazy rain and wind then turned into little pea sized hail, which I took video of hitting the window in our extra bedroom.  I posted my hail video to Twitter and the CBS station replied asking where it was.  I was thinking this might mean it could possibly end up on TV so I searched their website to find when their news time were.  I ended up watching nearly 4 hours of news today.  They have a 4, 5, 6 and 10 o’clock newscast.  However, it TOTALLY paid off!

They used my Twitter name... apparently not being able to figure out if they clicked on my profile it showed my real first and last name but whatever, IT'S STILL ME!!! 🙂

My picture of the hail on our balcony was on the 4 o’clock news, then my video of the hail was on the 5 AND 6 o’clock news! 🙂  (Didn’t make the 10 because there was another round of storms that came through around 7ish that produced a double rainbow, which was, admittedly, better than my wee video.)  Look at me being all news reportery!  Maybe that can be back-up plan #2.

Here’s a You Tube video of the whole video that was on TV.  So, it’s not much, but I am SUPER excited (obviously)!


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