The Back-Up Plan

Like any good little planner, I have a back-up plan for if this whole “law” thing doesn’t work out: open a bakery/coffee & tea shop.


I have found myself becoming slightly more creative in the kitchen and nearly everything I make, my husband loves (or at least lies like a good little husband and tells me it’s good) or I can figure out what’s wrong so that I can fix it next time.  When I’m stressed or bored, I tend to bake, which makes me believe  this a good career for me, but on my own terms of course (don’t think I could work for someone else doing this).

One example of my playing that turned out deliciously well:

Cheesecake with Oreo crust and strawberries, raspberries and blackberries on top. The original intention of my baking venture.

The other day I decided to make cheesecake (from scratch, not the cheating no-bake Jello kind).  Although, I do have to admit that I cheated and used a pre-made Oreo crust, but only because I could find the cookie aisle in this grocery store!  (It was the first time I had been there)  Anywho, I had TONS of extra batter left over.  I literally probably could have made 3 full cheesecakes with all that batter, but that’s just boring, so I started playing.  Since the original cheesecake was the only thing I had actually planned on making, if the other things turned out terrible, it didn’t matter.

The mini cheesecake cupcakes with chocolate drizzled on top and a raspberry stuck in the chocolate.

I decided to make little mini cupcake-like cheesecakes.  I made up extra “crust” and put a little in each cup of my mini muffin pans, then filling them to the top with cheesecake batter.  They were a little overdone, being my first time making them and I had no idea how long to cook them for, but when you put chocolate and a fresh raspberry on the top, you barely even notice.  I was quite impressed with how tasty these were.  They even looked like something you’d see sitting on a bakery shelf.  I was thoroughly impressed with myself.

Cheesecake chocolate swirl bar. By far the best, even better than the original cheesecake I made.

After this I STILL had extra batter and didn’t feel like using more of my graham crackers for crust so I decided to go with bars.  Plain jane cheesecake bars just sounded so boring though.  When at the store buying all my cheesecake goodies, I also bought chocolate bars for smores, so I got the great idea to melt 2 of the chocolate bars and drop them into the cheesecake bars to make cheesecake chocolate swirl bars.  Oh. My. Gosh. My mouth was in heaven!  These were DELICIOUS!!!  Definitely makes me think that I could make it opening a bakery.  How many other people have this same thought, though?

The cupcake crocodile I made last New Years Eve.

By far, my favorite thing to bake is cupcakes.  I love how creative you can get with ingredients and decorations.  I took a basic cake decorating class last winter, which was a blast!  Pretty much anything you can do on a cake, you can do with cupcakes, too.


I have yet to come up with a name for it.  Something cute but not horribly cheesy.  I definitely have an idea of how it would be in the inside though.  A random assortment of comfy chairs and couches, nothing matching and no plain hard chairs that no one wants to sit at anyway, lamps at every table so that you actually have good lighting to read and one wall that is a bookshelf full of books that people can read there, take home and leave another, whatever.  I’d definitely utilize Goodwill’s selection of 50 cent and dollar books!  Maybe even include a section of children’s books so that people can bring their children there and read to them or their kids can be entertained with a books while the parents talk.  Light jazz music playing just in the background so that people can focus on their books without being distracted by the music, but it’s not just dead silent.

I’d like it to be more focused on the sweets than the coffee and tea, but most people love to have a nice cup of coffee with their cupcake, so I’d definitely make it available.  Probably also have other juice type drinks- smoothies or something- for the few people in this world who haven’t come to love Starbucks and all their enticing coffee drinks.

Sound like somewhere you’d go?!


4 thoughts on “The Back-Up Plan

  1. Stephanie, this is such a great idea! I didn’t know you occasionally blogged. Perhaps I will have to keep up!

  2. I got an espresso machine last week and love it! This is something your bakery/coffee shop will have to have. I love the frothy milk.

    • Most definitely!! I got my mom one a few years ago and she never uses it… I’m thinking about confiscating it! I’ve even seen (commercial) machines where you just push a button and it makes whatever kind of coffee drink you want. That would be pretty neat, too. I love steamed milk with vanilla syrup! It’s so simple and so good.

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